Meet the designers: We are Handsome

we are handsome

Meet the designers: We are Handsome

2017-11-16 - Our latest collaboration with Australian lifestyle label We are Handsome brings bold and daring designs to our strollers and luggage. We caught up with Jeremy and Katinka Somers, the creative husband and wife duo behind the brand, to talk inspiration, travel and what it’s like to see Beyoncé sporting their creations.

We are Handsome is now a global brand with a huge following, but how did it all begin?

What started as an organic creative experiment became an international business almost overnight. After launch, we realized we had filled a gap in the market. While the industry was saturated with solid colors, polka dots and stripes, we challenged the norm and brought quality digital printed swimwear to the fore. With celebrities and the regular market lapping it up, we had hit the time and place to be creative – and we’ve not looked back since!

Where do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere! From strolling the streets of foreign cities to adventuring in our neighborhood. From music and pop culture to scrolling through Instagram and talking to people. Our creative minds never truly rest.

You talk about travel as a source of inspiration. Where is your favorite destination?

We have three:

Africa – It’s Katinka’s motherland, and where we were married. It’s where our hearts roam free, and inspiration eases up on you when you’re keeping company with a herd of elephant. It’s where the sun sets in a kaleidoscope of colors, and the rain has a smell of warmth and rawness. It’s where the people move to a beat that is slightly slower and in tune with the earth. It’s a mecca for the mind and soul – we could not recommend exploring as much of this continent as you can!

Japan - It’s here where you find delight in the simple things. Where your notions of respect, cultural significance and living purely is challenged and you refocus on what’s truly meaningful to you. The food, people and landscapes are so inspiring, as is the calm, almost poetic way that their nation moves.

Maldives - The water is seven shades of blue at all times – it is unbelievable. It’s where you can swim with Whale Sharks in the open sea, and then fall asleep under a canopy of stars. It’s the place where you really feel like you’re at the end of the earth and no one will find you. It’s somewhere to truly disconnect, recharge and ground yourself in the splendor of the ocean and the perfect sand.

You recently moved from Australia to LA. What motivated you to relocate?

We are explorers and adventures, and if there’s somewhere we can drive through eleven states marveling at the gift of nature for two weeks straight…we will go. Los Angeles offers a massive jumping off point to explore not only the US, but also the rest of the America’s and its surrounds.

We could not interview you without asking about your celebrity fans. How does it feel when you see superstars like Beyoncé and Rihanna wearing your designs?

It’s ALWAYS such a thrill, not for the celebrity component but for the fact that these women are bastions of creativity and expression. They are at the top of their game, leaders and figureheads for females globally. As such, they are flooded with brands and requests on a constant basis, when they consistently choose us, to wear in their everyday life it’s exhilarating – because it’s a real nod to the fact that they think we’re as great as we think they are!

Why do you think the collaboration with Bugaboo is a good fit?

Bugaboo approached We Are Handsome with the idea to collaborate, and we jumped at the opportunity to do so because our brands have many shared values: from our love of design to our passion for travel and adventure. We love that Bugaboo doesn't shy away from reinventing their market and ensuring they are innovating and leading the charge. Likewise, We Are Handsome is known for being disruptive and unapologetically creative, so it was a match made in heaven.

The proof is in the results – we worked together with the Bugaboo creative team at every point of the collaboration from concepts, mood boards, designs and product specifics. This truly was a shared project and not only have we launched an incredible project together, we’ve made some great friends along the way.

What’s next for We are Handsome?

Well, we have to keep some secrets right?! But of course we have a few surprises in store so stay tuned.