#BeBrave Tour Update 1

The #BeBrave Tour

#BeBrave Tour Update 1

2015-10-20 - The #BeBrave Tour is well underway and we’re excited to be introducing the new Bugaboo by Diesel Denim collection in cities around the world. From the photographs of recent events it’s clear to us: children just love to get messy! Now we’re making it easy for you to recreate this fun activity with your family.

The #BeBrave Tour has taken us to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Seoul, Antwerp, Jakarta, Verona and Barcelona, with many more events to come. At each event, we’ve seen children explore their inner artist and get messy with water-based, non-toxic paints while creating denim artworks that serve as memorable keepsakes of an afternoon well spent.

You might be thinking, “Don’t try this at home.” Or do! With the right tools you can recreate this fun family activity, and even make your very own Bugaboo by Diesel Denim-inspired artwork. Before you start, be sure to spread out several newspapers and/or a floor cover to create the ‘mess only’ area. Or grab a cardboard box; this can work to contain the mess-making without the fear of paint getting on your new sofa! Dress your child in an apron and provide them with paintbrushes and/or squeeze bottles and tubes of white, light blue and dark blue water-based, non-toxic paint. Demonstrate how to create splatters and let the children go for it!

Here's a selection of photographs from several events from around the world to get you inspired. 

Following the #BeBrave Tour kickoff in London at IceTank Studio with TV presenter Nigel Clark and the creative team of Creation Station, the Tour stopped in Paris, France, on 16 September. Journalists, bloggers and their children met at Back Slash Gallery for an afternoon aperitif. The children were invited to get messy and create their very own Bugaboo by Diesel artwork.  

Amsterdam was next. On 18 September bloggers and journalists gathered at the very appropriate Denim City in De Hallen for a painting workshop for the kids hosted by The Kidspiration Club.
We then traveled across the world to Seoul, Korea, where the Korean team organized an event to remember for children and their parents. Families left with paint in their hair and smiles on their faces, and a Bugaboo by Diesel artwork to remember the festivities!

Back to Barcelona, Spain, for our public event for the four day denim celebration at Terrassa, Denim Art Shop, on 3 October. Sporting their Bugaboo by Diesel aprons, children got their hands messy creating a store window display and their own handprint-artwork to take home with them.
Now it's your turn! Be sure to share your messy moments with us using the hashtags #fashionableparenting and #bugaboodiesel.