Three friends, three Bugaboo by Diesel strollers

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Three friends, three Bugaboo by Diesel strollers

2016-07-26 - March 2016 saw the unveiling of the third, and final, stroller of the Bugaboo and Diesel collaboration. To mark the occasion, we caught up with Madrid-based blogger Bea and her three close friends, who each own a stroller from the coveted collection.

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Meet Bea

Say hello to Bea: mother of two and the lady behind Con Botas de Agua blog, which documents life with her little ones. Bea tells us that becoming a parent didn’t mean the end of her old life, just a different perspective. Through blogging she has the opportunity to work on something she feels passionate about, while still being able to spend every day with her daughters. After enjoying many years in their strollers, her children are now a little older but that hasn’t stopped Bea being an ambassador for Bugaboo. Her friends Ana and Leti, as well as her sister Natalia, have now become parents too and each own a stroller from the Bugaboo by Diesel collection. Through her photography, Bea has beautifully captured the three of them enjoying urban adventures with the Bugaboo by Diesel Cameleon³ Military, Bugaboo by Diesel Buffalo Denim and the Bugaboo by Diesel Bee³ Rock. Bea’s take on ‘fashionable parenting’?  She tells us it’s all about being daring, willing to integrate your kids into your plans and doing it in style. We couldn’t agree more.


Meet Ana, Leti and Natalia

Ana, Leti and Natalia (and Bea) love getting out and about with their children. On an average day you’ll find them hitting the city streets and discovering new places. With this stylish trio, and Bea as their photographer, we take a look back at the Bugaboo by Diesel collaboration. 


Natalia is the proud owner of the Bugaboo by Diesel Cameleon³ Military, the first stroller of the collaboration launched in October 2014. For a family who travels a lot, Natalia tells us the versatile Bugaboo Cameleon³ is the one that best suits their needs. 


…a lot of people stop me in the street to ask me about the stroller.


Natalia goes on to say: “Diesel is a brand I already liked, with cool designs that match our taste. If you put that together with a functional stroller like the Bugaboo Cameleon³, you get a perfect fit. It’s unconventional and that’s what a lot of parents are looking for: a lot of people stop me in the street to ask about the stroller.”

Next up: the Bugaboo by Diesel Buffalo Denim, which burst onto the scene in November 2015. This stroller embraces Diesel’s denim heritage and is Leti’s stroller of choice. She loves the robustness and functionality of the Bugaboo Buffalo and gives extra points for the huge under seat basket.


…the strollers are designed for the people who actually use them: parents!


Functionality is important, but so is how it looks. “The collaboration between Bugaboo and Diesel offers much more original and fun strollers than the classic designs we’re used to. The strollers are designed for the people who actually use them: parents!” says Leti. 


Last but not least, Ana. She loves getting out and about in the city with her family, so the Bugaboo by Diesel Bee³ Rock - released in April of this year - was the natural choice. “What I really like about the Bugaboo Bee³ is that, apart from being very comfortable and easy to maneuver, it has an amazing look. It perfectly adapts to all our needs: it’s urban, agile and, of course, really cool!” says Ana.

…it was about time there was something more daring that really matched the style of today’s parents.

Ana’s verdict on the Bugaboo by Diesel collaboration: “I love it because Diesel is a brand I’ve always admired. Its fabrics and designs are incredible and give the stroller a very original personality. I was sick of all the pastel tones in baby stuff, it was about time there was something more daring that really matched the style of today’s parents. I think the Bugaboo by Diesel collaboration nailed it!”

Love the Bugaboo by Diesel collaboration? Share your ‘fashionable parenting’ photos on Instagram using the #bugaboodiesel hashtag and check out the full collection here.

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