What’s in my Mammoth Bag: Barb Bruno


What’s in my Mammoth Bag: Barb Bruno

2018-08-07 - Barb Bruno is a mother of four and the co-founder and creative director of Barcelona-based clothing brand Tinycottons. We caught up with her to find out more about her business, family life and what’s in her Bugaboo Mammoth Bag!

Barb and her husband Gerard Lazcano founded their clothing brand Tinycottons back in July 2013. They live in the rural mountains outside of Barcelona with their four children: Cruz (15), Cata (15), Greg (10) and Vini (8 months-old).

What is the concept behind Tinycottons and how did it all begin?

When we started out, it was just a collection for babies and pima cotton was the main raw material, hence the name Tinycottons. High demand meant were able to grow quickly, but without letting go of our routes, as we still have pima cotton as the main component of our clothing. Our collection went from 30 items to 350 per season, and from sizes 0-24 months to 0-10 years, and we even created capsule collections for women. We always tell a story with each collection and believe in simplicity. We are very focused on graphics and our designs are fun, casual and street-like. We try to make sure our clothes always feel comfortable when playing and keep them simple. 

Juggling your own business and being a parent can’t be without its challenges. How do you find the balance?

I think that the most important is that, since we’re together in this adventure, our time multiplies positively. We manage to combine both tasks. Whether it’s me or Gerard, there’s always someone who can find time to take care of the kids and the company. We love traveling with the children, it means we can show them the world and its different cultures, teach them to value our differences, see them be moved by what’s happening in the world, and experience different realities.

As a mom of four, you must have to carry a lot of ‘stuff’. What essentials do you always have with you?

  • A lifestyle magazine for inspiration 
  • A Tinycottons outfit to change into (haha!)
  • Bio wet wipes, they are the perfect solution for anything! 
  • Ecological diapers
  • Water and snacks
  • A wool hat and a summer hat
  • A blanket
  • Some toys like a cloth book or a rattle

What do you think of the Bugaboo Bee Mammoth Bag?

I think it’s about time that I had a bag that fits perfectly with my Bugaboo stroller and can carry everything from my essentials to my groceries. My previous experiences were traumatic and rheumatic! It was really difficult to carry a lot of stuff. With this solution, in terms of functionality and aesthetics, it will mean a huge change for me! Congrats!

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