The Bugaboo Buffalo is no longer available for purchase.
If you already own a Bugaboo Buffalo, this page contains all the product support information you need.
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the all-terrain stroller

The Bugaboo Buffalo is no longer available for purchase. While we know that many parents love the Bugaboo Buffalo, our latest line-up of strollers  – including the newly released Bugaboo Fox  – is ready to meet the needs of all families. 

Already own a Bugaboo Buffalo? We will continue to provide parts required for maintenance and compatible accessories to enhance your stroller.  Scroll down for FAQs, spare parts, videos and more useful information. 

release date 2013 | end date 2018 


assembling your stroller

bassinet and seat assembly

how to use your stroller

suitable from birth

one piece folding & self-standing

compact two piece fold & unfolding

all-terrain suitability with two and four wheel position

spacious & easy accessible luggage options

extendable sun canopy

foot brake

reclineable & reversible seat

height adjustable handlebar and harness & rotating carry handle

folding the bassinet flat

product information

washing and maintenance

Maintenance tips and how to clean your Bugaboo Buffalo fabrics.

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warranty and repairs

More about the warranty for your Bugaboo Buffalo and how to claim.

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warning information

Important warnings and safety information for your Bugaboo Buffalo.

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user guides

strollers & limited editions

Read the user guide and find all the important information for your Bugaboo Buffalo.

service instructions

See how to install replacement parts for your Bugaboo Buffalo.

register your bugaboo buffalo

Register your Bugaboo Buffalo within 3 months of purchase and receive an extra year warranty. 

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  • what if I already own a bugaboo buffalo?

    We take pride in the service we provide to our customers. We offer 3 (2+1) years of warranty on all our strollers and the Bugaboo Buffalo will be no exception. We will continue to provide service support for your stroller, as well as the necessary parts required for maintenance. In addition, we will continue to offer accessories for the Bugaboo Buffalo so you can continue to refresh and enhance your stroller.

  • Can I have my Bugaboo Buffalo repaired?

    Yes, please click here for an overview of our repair centers.

  • what do I get if I buy a complete stroller?

    A complete stroller includes: 
    1. rain cover
    2. underseat basket
    3. base seat fabric
    4. seat/bassinet frame
    5. carry handle
    6. wire frame
    7. chassis with wheels
    8. extendable sun canopy and bassinet apron 
    9. base bassinet fabric

  • what are the technical features (dimensions and weight) Bugaboo Buffalo?

    Technical Specs Bugaboo Buffalo   

    - suitable from birth to 17 kg / 37.5lbs* 
    - five point harness with height adjustable shoulder straps
    - one hand operation to recline, reverse and release the seat
    - mattress with aerated inlay
    - 10” Swivel wheels & 12” rear wheels with foam filled tires
    - all fabrics machine washable  
    - weight (chassis, wheels, seat): 12.3 kg / 27.1lbs
    - folded lwh: 88x54x34 cm / 35x21x13”
    - unfolded width: 60 cm / 24” 
    - underseat bag: 35 l / 9.2 gal

    *The Bugaboo Buffalo is engineered to be robust - tested up to a total seat load of 23 kg / 50 lbs, with a maximum weight of the child of 17kg / 37.5 lbs.

  • where can I find the serial number of the bugaboo buffalo?

    You can find the serial number of your Bugaboo stroller in the middle of your chassis, underneath the seat. Your serial number is the middle barcode. 


  • where is my bugaboo buffalo manufactured?

    All Bugaboo products are designed in the Netherlands and manufactured in our own factory in China, where we have full control over the quality and durability of our products.

  • How can I check if my Bugaboo Buffalo is a genuine Bugaboo stroller?

    We would like to warn you that fake Bugaboo products have been reported. We want to make you aware of this and strongly recommend you to only purchase Bugaboo products at official retailers or at A list of authorized retailers can be found on the retail-locator. We do not sell new Bugaboo products through online marketplaces like eBay, Alibaba, Taobao and we do not sell directly from our factory to retailers or consumers. If you have recently bought or are planning to buy a Bugaboo Buffalo from an online marketplace and want to ensure you are not purchasing a fake stroller, please contact our customer service center. They can help you identify the authenticity of your stroller. In the event you have bought a fake Bugaboo product, we regret to inform you that we can't provide any service or guarantee the product safety, even if you have been able to register your product via our website Please do not hesitate to get in contact with our customer service center should you have any questions or concerns or to check our store locator on our website, to find the nearest retailer. 

  • what can I do if my stroller gets damaged during transportation by an airline?

    Damage from transportation (for example airline transportation) is not covered by the manufacturing warranty, however we can help you with the assessment of the damage and with useful documentation in case you need to make a claim to the airline's insurance to cover the cost of a new Bugaboo Buffalo or for a part to be replaced. 

  • can I recline the bassinet like I can the seat?

    The bassinet should not be reclined. More information about reclining the seat can be found above in the User Guide section. 

  • can I place the Bugaboo rain cover on the Bugaboo sun canopy on the both the bassinet and the seat?

    Yes - the Bugaboo Rain cover fits the entire seat frame, including the bassinet and the seat.

  • does the Bugaboo Buffalo fit in the comfort transport bag?

    The Bugaboo Comfort Transport Bag is compatible with all strollers, including the Bugaboo Buffalo. More information about the Bugaboo Comfort Transport Bag can be found here.

  • how long will my child fit in the bugaboo buffalo?

    The Bugaboo Buffalo is suitable for children up to 36 months of age (approx. 17 kg / 37.5lbs).

  • can I hang a bag on my bugaboo buffalo?

    Yes - the Bugaboo Buffalo is the only Bugaboo stroller that can accommodate a bag on the handlebar. The hooks on the handlebar can carry up to 6 kg.

  • Can I run with my baby in the Bugaboo Buffalo?

    The Bugaboo Buffalo is only suitable for walking, not for running. The Bugaboo Buffalo seat frame can be used on the Bugaboo Runner Chassis, designed specifically for running. Click here for more information about the Bugaboo Runner.