Fashion blogging and family life

Fashion blogging and family life

2018-01-16 - Berlin's original blogger fills us in on what has changed since she got started in 2007 and how she balances work and family life.

Jessica Weiß is the founder of Journelles, the largest German-language fashion blog. Often heralded as Germany’s original blogger, she started her first website back in 2007 and went on to establish Journelles in 2012 and her own fashion label, JOUUR, in 2015. We caught up with her to talk blogging, style and finding that all-important work-life balance. 

When you started blogging 10 years ago, did you ever dream it would become such tremendous success? 

For me, the biggest success has been creating my own dream job, but I never even thought that would be a possibility before I started blogging.

How do you balance your life as a successful blogger with being a mother? 

I knew from the beginning that being self-employed with a business meant no down time. I jumped back in only three weeks after giving birth. Levi is now 1 year old and I have to admit that the first year wasn’t super easy - we had a major lack of sleep and balancing both my babies (Levi and my blog) was a big challenge. 

Where do you go or what do you do to get inspired? 

We love traveling as a family and have done that from the very beginning. I love being on a journey and traveling the world because that’s where I get my best ideas. 


“…but at one point you have to accept that the clothes are just objects of utility and that they will get stained.”

Do you relate to fashion differently after the birth of your child? 

Luckily, my style hasn’t changed a bit! Even breastfeeding didn’t stop me from wearing dresses or silk blouses… but at one point you have to accept that the clothes are just objects of utility and that they will get stained. I’m okay with that!

Would you say that there is a unique Berlin style? 

Berlin is a super cool city and pretty laid back, but since there are so many different cultures, there is no such thing as a unique Berlin style.


Would you see the Bugaboo Cameleon³ Classic as a fashion accessory? 

I love my Classic Collection stroller and definitely think it’s a great fashion accessory in my chosen color. It’s timeless as well!

Why did you choose a Bugaboo Cameleon³? 

The size and weight, as well as the design of the Bugaboo Cameleon³, are perfect for me and the streets of Berlin. It’s super easy to handle and fold, and I’m really happy that Levi loved being in the stroller from the beginning. He’s very chilled and loves to watch people while we’re strolling. Plus, I have lots of space to store my belongings underneath… or carry a second pair of shoes, hehe!


What does your day-to-day working routine look like? Is there a set routine at all? 

Every day is different, but I do work a lot from the office. We have shoots, editorial meetings, press trips too, which makes it a lot of fun!

Would you say the nature of fashion blogs has changed? Did the rise of Instagram change the blogger scene? 

I guess I’m part of the first squad of German fashion bloggers - I started 10 years ago. The internet is changing on a daily basis and so is the blogosphere. Of course, there’s a huge change and different approach since the influencer came along, but it’s a super interesting field we’re working in and I’m happy to still be part of it. I’m thrilled to see what’s next.

“I once met some girls in New York who approached me on the street. It’s still something I’ll never get used to.”

What is the weirdest ‘fame’ moment you ever had? 

When people recognize you on the street far away from home! I once met some girls in New York who approached me on the street. It’s still something I’ll never get used to.

And finally, do you have any advice for new mommy bloggers? 

Take it easy and take your time with your child! It’s the most precious time one can have. I think the internet and your blog can wait for a while until you’re ready to create again.

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