Capturing special moments with Milestone™ and Bugaboo

Capturing special moments with Milestone™ and Bugaboo

2017-02-14 - Did you know that when you register your Bugaboo stroller you will receive three downloadable cards by Milestone™? In this article we catch up with Gemma Broekhuis from Milestone™ to find out what inspired her to create the original baby cards, and how she balances family life with a career.

Gemma Broekhuis (1977) lives and works in Amsterdam. She is married to Friggo and has 3 boys: Mikkel (6), Frey (4) and Rover (2). She started her company Milestone™ in May 2012 with the best-selling product: Baby Cards by Milestone™. Today the range of products has grown and the brand is sold in over 40 countries and is available in 21 languages.

How did the story of Milestone™ begin?

When my first son was born, I was so overwhelmed and amazed about the whole thing that I must have taken 1000 pictures by the time he was 4-months old. Then one day, he rolled over. This was a moment I wanted to remember even more than others. But how would this picture stand out in my endless collection of photos? My solution: I wrote a card, added the date and his name, and took a picture of him with it. I started doing the same when he slept through the night, crawled, ate his first solid food and said “mama.” I realized that those pictures had more meaning than others. It’s so easy to point and shoot nowadays. The cards made the pictures special again. I felt I was probably not the only one out there who felt this way. So I decided to make them into a product: the Baby Cards.

This proved to me that pictures have so much more value than capturing a moment, they really create a memory.

What is one of the most memorable moments from your own little ones growing up?

What a great question. So much pops to mind but it’s mainly three kinds of things. First, moments when we were all together as a family, like family vacations. Second, rituals that we have like the boys jumping through a hula-hoop from the headboard of our bed before bedtime. And third, moments that we took pictures of. This proved to me that pictures have so much more value than capturing a moment, they really create a memory.

How do you combine parenthood and running your own business?

It is challenging. I think everyone with a family can relate. We all deserve a medal. And a back rub ;-). For me, the way to stay sane is realizing that all is good as long as everyone is healthy. Everything falls into place when you are able to feel gratitude about what you have and are aware that the most important things, like listening, connecting, being in the present, are never marked on your calendar. Even at the office I always say: “We are not in the business of donor transplants. We can mess up, nobody will die.” I try to appreciate the journey with all its ups and downs and see it as a great adventure.

I try to get my ‘biggest thing of the day’ done before opening my emails.

What does your average day look like?

Our alarm goes off at 6.45. After showers and getting dressed we have breakfast as a family. At 8.30 we leave the house on our bikes to get all the kids to school and daycare. I arrive at the office at 9. I try to get my ‘biggest thing of the day’ done before opening my emails. After than  we always have our daily stand up meeting with the whole team. We list our priorities, hurdles and go over numbers like social, website and web shop visits and US sales. I have calls and meetings all day and handle emails in between. From 3pm onward I am on Skype with the US a lot. I leave the office around 6pm and arrive home 10 minutes later. My husband and I usually have an hour or two of playtime with the kids and put them to bed together. Then usually one of us has an event or I go to a Pilates class, or we open our laptops side by side and put in a few hours of work. To unwind we watch Netflix. And I always prepare my ‘biggest thing of the day’ for the next day.

Why do you think this initiative with Bugaboo is a good fit?

I think it is a perfect fit for many reasons. Bugaboo started a whole new category of strollers, being the first to see the stroller as the biggest contribution to a family’s freedom. Since then, many have followed in their footsteps, but Bugaboo is the original. I am always very sensitive to that because it is at the core of a company or business. Bugaboo is constantly improving, driven by vision and ideas, innovative and passionate, and Milestone™ is the same. I could not find what I was looking for, so I created it. Within a year I was selling in 16 countries. Now there are so many others who have copied us, the idea has become a category. But original brands want to work with other original brands because they share the same journey. And we are both global companies, we cater to the same audience. As far as the special edition photo cards we created for Bugaboo: Bugaboo enables families to create memories, Milestone™ enables them to capture those moments and remember them. A perfect fit!


Want to capture precious moments with your little one including #myfirststroll? You can download your own Bugaboo Milestone™ cards when your register your stroller here. Don’t forget to share your journey with us on Instagram and Facebook.

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