BUGABOO MODERN FAMILIES : The One that's built to last

BUGABOO MODERN FAMILIES : The One that's built to last

2016-08-23 - We speak to Teresa from Madrid who revisits some of her family history with her trusty Bugaboo Cameleon. “We must have been on a thousand walks so far!”

The One that's built to last

Teresa and her husband Carlos and children are based in Madrid. They love getting out and about in the city and enjoy an active life – there’s nothing they enjoy more than going on epic family walks through Madrid.  They have three boys Pablo, Jaime and the little Mateo, and the gorgeous girl Casilda who they adopted in 2012. 

We talk to Teresa about a decade of being a mother on-the-go, their strong family values - and what makes them tick.

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First of all, what made you go for Bugaboo all those years ago?

It’s actually quite an interesting story. Our Bugaboo Cameleon came to us through a very indirect route!  I’ll go back to the beginning…

When I first found out I was pregnant with Pablo I was deeply happy.  And like many parents-to-be our house slowly started to fill up with baby stuff. Things we bought, gifts and lots of items we inherited from friends and family who had grown out of their ‘baby years’.

But looking back, perhaps the most important thing of all in this is the thing you’ll use the most – your stroller!  And we didn’t pay as much attention to this. We received one as a gift – I can’t even remember which brand it was – but I do clearly remember that weighed a lot.  And as we lived on the second floor of a block of apartments with no lift, it meant that one of our favourite activities – going for a walk – became very tiring.

So it kind of limited our lifestyle for a bit, which was quite sad. We used it until Jaime turned 6 months and then sold it.

We then decided to adopt a child – Casilda – not a decision we took lightly… Adoption for us was a beautiful journey. The tension and fears we faced during all the years of waiting disappeared the moment we saw her face on a picture. We could finally travel to Ethiopia to meet our daughter. A journey that changed us as a family and filled us with joy. The wait was worth it. Casilda was our daughter!

We also decided that we needed quite a different type of stroller in time for her arrival.  A good friend offered us her Bugaboo Cameleon, which she had very happily used with her two sons. So even though this particular stroller had already carried two very active boys, it was in perfect condition and we were delighted.

And what a difference this made to our life! Our ‘new’ stroller was so lightweight, easy to move, and sturdy enough to take anywhere and everywhere. We were back on the streets again and loving the sights and sounds of Madrid.

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Do you remember your first trip out with your Bugaboo Cameleon?

I remember our first walk outside with our Bugaboo Cameleon like it was yesterday!  Even though it’s now so many years ago... It was a cold and frosty December morning in Madrid. Casilda was wide eyed in wonder looking at everything taking everything in.  It was a magical moment for us all!

What are the moments you remember the most over the last ten years of family life and how do you document your memories?

 So much has happened to our family in the last decade. Births, birthdays, trips around Madrid, our children’s first friends, the very first time they saw the sea ... there are the moments that I keep in my heart. And since the Bugaboo Cameleon came into our lives, it’s come with us on so many of our adventures!

I like to take photos to document our family milestones. Those little moments we love and remember. Looking at my old photos I have so many memories - I am more aware of time when I see how much my children have grown over the years.  The great thing is that through photography my children will have a beautiful historic album of their childhood.

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Does your family still love the Bugaboo Cameleon and what will you do with it when your youngest has outgrown it?

 Our family is still very much attached to our Bugaboo Cameleon – especially Mateo our smallest who is still using it on a daily basis. All the others take turns to push him – it's really part of our family. When we have outgrown it, we will say goodbye with a few tears, but we’ll be happy that we can give it to another family to use. That’s what I love about Bugaboo strollers - they are really built to last. So there’s life in this Bugaboo Cameleon yet!

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Finally, what are your strongest values in life as a family?

As you can probably tell, we LOVE our family. We LOVE Madrid – which will always be our city. And we LOVE getting out and about, together with the whole family in our hometown.

 We must have been on a thousand walks so far! Our family is built to last, just like our Bugaboo Cameleon.

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 Teresa’s blog is: la casa donde viví

 And her Instagram is: @teresaloboarregui



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