Life of a bag in Arnhem

Vie's daughter Julie

Life of a bag in Arnhem

2015-07-15 - ‘Two girls, one blog’ is the tagline of the popular lifestyle blog THE DOOR IN THE WALL. One half is Madelon (AKA MadeByLon) living in Los Angeles – you met her last week. The other is Vie (35), blogger by night, based in the Dutch city of Arnhem.

You’re a mother, a child psychologist and you have a blog. How do you do it all? 
“We make it happen! It’s all about making good arrangements. Now that we recently moved from Amsterdam to Arnhem for my boyfriend’s work, he can look after our daughter Julie (2) more often. I work on THE DOOR IN THE WALL  on a daily basis during my few spare hours in the evening. The blog is how Madelon and I stay in touch now that she’s living in LA." What inspired you to start the blog together?  
“You wouldn’t guess, but Instagram was our matchmaker. I was drawn to her personal/no-nonsense Instagram feed and followed her right away. She followed me back and we hit it off – it’s as simple as that. We had both thought about starting a blog before and when we brought it up one evening we just decided to do it.”What is the blog about?  
“We share the small things in life, for and by mothers or and by mothers who do a lot in addition to being parents. We even share things that might not seem very important, like my recent post ‘Ladybug Lessons’ about stopping to admire a tiny ladybug with my daughter the other day. We present this honestly and personally without forgetting that what we have is good, not perfect, but good enough. It’s important for us to stay true to ourselves.”

What is the difference between you and Madelon?  
“Madelon is really a go-getter while I take my time with things. She’s the better photographer (just take a look at her Instagram!) while I focus more on writing. As a psychologist, I have to think carefully about what I share publicly – you won’t see a photo of me standing on a table shaking my bottom in tight gold leggings, for example! Our last names are also a no-go, and as parents we are very mindful of portraying our children in an honest and wholesome manner.”

As a mom who’s always on the go, what do you like about the Storksak + Bugaboo bag?  
“It’s large in size which is great and I love that I can use it on a daily basis either as a regular bag and a changing bag. The bag is black, which means it’s easy to match with just about anything. My daughter loves helping a hand and she’s able to carry the bag herself. My husband doesn’t mind walking the streets with it either – it looks great on him, too!”
Pictured above is the Storksak + Bugaboo Nylon Bag. Read our interview with the other half of THE DOOR IN THE WALL, Madelon.