"Running makes me feel confident and independent"

Wyatt and Courtney Grow

"Running makes me feel confident and independent"

2015-06-18 - Between organizing the Colour Me Rad charity runs all over the United States and being busy parents, Wyatt and Courtney Grow from Salt Lake City use running as a means to stay fit and healthy of course, but running also gives them confidence and a feeling of independence.

When did you start running and why?
Wyatt Grow: “We have both been running for almost our entire life. When I was young I did fun runs at the local rec center and as I’ve grown older it has remained a constant part of my exercise programme.”

What type of runner are you?
“We both train to stay fit but recently as running events have become my occupation, I feel like it gives me the insight to understand my customers. The mindset of people in Japan or Sweden may differ greatly from my own here in the US, but I like to think runners from across the globe feel similarly about running.

How often do you run and what time of day?
“About 3 times a week. Our favorite time of day to run is in the morning.  My days that start with a run are marked by feeling more sharp, alert, and present in my life.”

“Running is a modern exploration on foot”

What does running mean to you?
“Running means freedom and adventure – a modern exploration on foot – and at the same time we feel connected to the places we run, the world around us and to each other.”

How do you prepare your run?
“Being new parents we don’t always have a lot of time to prepare, but a great playlist and some stretching will get us revved up.”
Which apps do you use for running + route?
“Map My Run has been my app of choice for a while now, and the website walkjogrun.com for planning 5ks.”

How does running make you feel?
“Running actually makes me feel more confident and independent. I feel more self-reliant and capable when I maintain that communication with my body through running.”

How does your daughter James like coming along on runs?
“At the moment she is very small, but what is clear so far is that she loves being outdoors and I can’t wait for her to grow and spend more time with us on runs and in the outdoors.”

Best song to run to?
“Kung Fu Fighting by Tom Jones and for Courtney It'll Get You There by Rilo Kiley.”

What is the best thing about running?
Definitely the high that carries me through the rest of the day when I get a good run in. You can experience the benefits anywhere you go. Running is the universal language of fitness all over the world.

What feeling does the Bugaboo Runner give you?
“The Bugaboo Runner is super chic and for Courtney it gives her the feeling that the world is her oyster, and she can look good while running.”

“The Bugaboo Runner is the perfect combination of form and function”

What was your first impression of the Bugaboo Runner?
“It looks amazing. The slender lines make it incredibly fast and light, it’s the perfect combination of form and function. Oh and you can tell it was designed for the needs of parents.”