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Privacy Policy of Bugaboo Japan K.K. and Bugaboo International b.v. (Personal Information Privacy Policy)

Bugaboo Japan K.K. and Bugaboo international b.v., the parent company of Bugaboo Japan K.K., (hereinafter “the Companies”) respect the privacy of our customers. We take the utmost care in handling the personal data of our customers and, in the management thereof, we observe both this privacy policy and the laws and regulations of Europe and Japan that relate to the processing and protection of personal data.

What Personal data is Handled by the Companies?

The Companies are responsible for handling all data regarding the customer submitted to the Companies including the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and date of birth of its customers, along with all data regarding the customer acquired via the Companies’ web shops or through newsletter registration, and all cookies utilised on the Companies’ websites and all information obtained from these cookies. The use of this customer data shall be restricted to the purposes described below in this privacy policy, which shall be deemed to have been agreed to by the customer in advance. 

For which purposes do we use your personal data?

The Companies will use customer personal data for the purpose of discharging their responsibilities to their customers and providing the services desired by their customers. Specific examples thereof include order and payment procedure processing, sending e-mails for providing notification of delivery status, communications pertaining to the delivery of ordered products, settlement process for payments made by credit card, the issue of notifications pertaining to product safety, procedures pertaining to product quality warranty, and for customers holding accounts on Companies’ website, management of such accounts. Although customer contact information will be utilised for sending newsletters or for recommending and providing information of products and services, customers will be asked whether or not they wish to receive such information or newsletters when submitting their personal data, and such information will be sent only to those customers who have expressly indicated a wish to receive this information. In addition, customer personal data may be used for the purpose of debt collection, credit checking and identity confirmation. The Companies will also utilise cookies and information obtained from cookies used by the Companies’ websites for functional purposes, statistical/analytical purposes, promotional purposes and social media-related purposes. For a more detailed description of the cookies, please refer to the section entitled “Cookies” herein below. 

The customer personal data retention period will not be any longer than the period necessitated by the purposes noted above (if there is a period prescribed by law (“legally prescribed period”) and if it is not permitted to retain (i) beyond the legally prescribed period, then such period cannot extend beyond such legally prescribed period and (ii) below the legally prescribed period, then such period will be no less than such legally prescribed period but to the extent necessary for the above purposes). In addition, for personal data with an expired retention period and has therefore become unnecessary, the Companies shall implement appropriate measures, such as personal data deletion.

Who has access to the data?

Bugaboo Japan K.K. and Bugaboo international b.v., the parent company of Bugaboo Japan K.K., will jointly utilise the customer personal data noted above within the range of the above-described utilisation purposes. Bugaboo international b.v. will be responsible for the management of this customer personal data through a controller located at Paasheuvelweg 9a-b, 1105 BE Amsterdam. Notably, as is described herein below, Bugaboo Japan K.K. shall serve as a portal for inquiries from customers including check, correction and deletion requests, as well as grievances and questions pertaining to this privacy policy and any other relevant matters. 

In addition, with the consent of the customer, customer personal data may be supplied to a third party other than the Companies. 

The Companies may forward customer data to a third party outsourcee where necessary to discharge their responsibilities to their customers. More specifically, the Companies may forward customer personal data to suppliers and carriers involved in product dispatch and delivery, and to partner mail-order firms. Customer personal data may be handed over to a clearing agency, credit checking company or collection agency etc. for the purpose of credit card settlement, debt collection, credit checking or identity confirmation. In such instances, the Companies shall be responsible for perceiving and supervising the handling of the customer information by the outsourcee. 

In addition, please be aware of the following instances in which customer information may be provided to a third party other than the outsourcee in the absence of customer consent: 

1 Where it is pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations’

2 Where it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of an individual and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of an individual; 

3 Where there is a particular need to improve public health or promote the sound growth of children and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of an individual;

4 Where it is necessary for a state organ or a local government group or party engaged thereby to cooperate in the execution of the affairs prescribed by the laws and regulations and when obtaining the consent of an individual is likely to impede the execution of these affairs. 

What Methods are Used to Protect Customer Personal Data?

As a policy for protecting against data loss or theft and illegal access of customer personal data, the Companies adopts the following security control measures: personal management measures, technical measures and organizational measures. For example, the Companies are working constantly to strengthen security control measures in response to technical advancements and developments. We recommend that customers also take every care to ensure the security of their electronic media devices.

Credit card payments

To ensure the safety of payments made by credit card, all information is transmitted in an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted format. In other words, all information is transmitted by way of a secure connection and external third party cannot normally view the credit card data of a customer. 

The Companies have a business alliance with an authorised clearing agency in connection with credit card payment procedures. The clearing agency confirms promptly with the bank whether a designated credit card can be used for purchases. The clearing agency with which the Companies have an alliance will process the customer credit card information appropriately and in accordance with the PCI DSS International security standards developed by the VISA and MasterCard companies. Customer credit card information is processed in accordance with the highest possible security standards. For payments made by credit card, the Companies shall, in accordance with the User Agreement prescribed by the credit card companies, acquire and verify personal data such as the number, name and billing address of the credit card supplied by the customer.


Although the Companies’ website includes links to third party websites, these links cannot be managed or supervised by the Companies. The Companies shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for the treatment of personal data supplied by a customer via these websites. Such data is not included in the scope of this privacy policy. In such instances, if there is a privacy policy of websites used by customers, customers should ascertain and confirm such privacy policy. 

Right to Check, Correct and Delete, etc.

The customer may inquire freely and with reasonable frequency to check the status of their personal data and, if there is an error or omission in this data, may ask the Companies to supplement or amend their data. In addition, they may ask the Companies to protect or delete their data. Furthermore, the customer may ask the Companies to either discontinue or erase the utilisation of their personal data on the grounds that it has been utilised other than for the intended utilisation purpose or has been acquired by unlawful means etc., and may ask the Companies to discontinue the utilisation of their personal data on the grounds that it has been illegally provided to a third party. The Companies will report back to the customer within four (4) weeks of receiving such requests. Please let us know if you do not wish to receive information pertaining to products and services from the Companies. Please send all request notifications either by e-mail to, or to the address indicated below by ordinary post. 

33-14 Jingumae 6 chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Customers who subscribed to a newsletter from the Companies can unsubscribe at any time by sending an unsubscribe request email to 


The Companies utilise cookies at the Companies’ website. Cookies are small text files that are temporarily stored on a customer’s personal computer or mobile device when the customer visits the Companies’ website. The cookies contain a customer’s preferred settings as well as information pertaining to the use of Companies’ website, and can be used to identify the browser when a customer next visits the Companies’ website. The Companies utilise the cookies and the information obtained from the cookies for the purposes noted below. 

• Functional Purpose: To memorise the customer’s settings and/or preferences when utilising the Companies’ website to make login and navigation of the Companies’ website smoother. More specifically, to eliminate the time and effort associated with inputting login data whenever visiting the Companies’ website. In addition, to retain a record of the advertisements already displayed on the Companies’ website so as to avoid the repeated display of the same advertisement.

• Statistical・Analytical Purpose: Allows the number of visitors to a specific web page and the number of clicking of advertisement to be recorded, which enables the Companies to ascertain which sections of a website are popular. Based on this, a website whose configuration, navigation and content are as user-friendly as possible can be created. The Companies make every effort possible to ensure the anonymity of such data. Notably, as part of the Google analytics service provided by Google Inc., cookies are provided to the Companies’ website by Google Inc. The Companies use this service to record how the visitor utilises the website, and to create reports pertaining to this utilisation. Where required by law, or where this information is to be handled by a third party rather than Google Inc., there is a possibility that Google Inc. may provide this information to the third party. The Companies have no involvement in any of this.

• Advertising Purpose: The cookies are utilised to provide advertisements that match the interests of the customer, and to prevent the same advertisement from being repeatedly shown to the customer. 

• Social Media-Related Purpose: The Companies’ website includes a share button for web pages for each of the Facebook, YouTube, Weibo, Twitter, Instagram and Naver social network services. The Companies utilise social media cookies from these social media providers to give function to these buttons. Please refer to the statements published on each of the websites of these social media regarding the cookies provided by these social media providers, and the data details for which collection by social media is possible. These announcements are likely to change regularly. The Companies have no say in any such changes.

Deletion and refusal of cookies

Existing cookies can be deleted and the new cookie acceptance can be denied using the browser settings on the customer’s personal computer. The methods for doing this vary according to browser. Please consult the help function in the customer's browser as necessary.

Note: The denial or deletion of cookies may preclude full utilisation of the website functions. The denial and/or deletion of cookies applies only to browsers and personal computers in which a customer has created their settings. When multiple personal computers and/or browsers are utilised, the customer will need to organize the settings for each such personal computers or browsers.  


If there are any complaints against the Companies and inquiries regarding this privacy policy, etc. please contact us using the following e-mail address or telephone number:

[e-mail inquiries]

[TEL inquiries] 03-6712-6072

[Business Hours] MON to FRI 10am to 5pm

Privacy Policy Amendments

The Companies shall continually review and amend the privacy policy in accordance with need. Any such amendments will be published on the website. 

 Enacted 2016/12/08