What's in her bag? Fiona Burrage, Nor-Folk

Fiona Burrage, Nor-Folk

What's in her bag? Fiona Burrage, Nor-Folk

2015-05-27 - She’s one of the Nor-Folk – a graphic design-led lifestyle brand with a minimalist Scandinavian vibe – wife to Bobby (another Nor-Folk) and mother to Stanley. When Fiona Burrage isn’t taking over the world one achingly cool graphical T-shirt at a time, she’s balancing work, life, family (and netball) with the help of her Storksak + Bugaboo bag. Here we talk to her about life in the working, mothering lane.

Tell us about Nor-Folk...
We currently sell apparel and homewares that we design but we also curate and select products that have a similar design feel. My husband and I are designers and we just felt there was an opportunity to do something different. Nor-Folk is my second baby and was conceived out of social media – I was inspired by so many other mothers online, designing clothes, becoming photographers and selling products.

What's the key to being a working mother?
Planning. I plan everything; it's the only way I stay remotely in control. I'm not sure I've got the balance right just yet, not that I compromise my time with Stanley – I just burn the midnight oil. A lot. But I have ambitious plans and Rome wasn't built in a day.

What three work things can't you live without?
My mobile phone, my Nikon camera and my MacBook.

What can't you leave the house without (excluding baby things)?
Aside of the above, my kicks (I'm not a shoes kinda lady) and a statement pair of glasses. For about twenty years I fought being a spectacle wearer and now at 31 I've finally embraced them!

Why did you pick the Storksak + Bugaboo bag?
It's everything I look for in a bag; leather, durable, minimal/clean lines, shoulder straps and has just enough space (not too much that your things rattle around it, but not too little that you're squeezing nappies in it). For too long mama bags have been dowdy, hurrah for something that's practical and sophisticated. I’m also not into carrying lots of things around – I like a streamlined approach, which fits with this bag.

How would you describe your and Stanley's style?
Pretty similar; I love fashion and design that's contemporary, with clean lines and well made. Our home has plenty pops of colour and I will wear a bit of neon every now and again but I am most comfortable in grayscale. Stanley's wardrobe is definitely a lot more colourful and so it should be.

Who was the last person you called and why?
My friend Caron, I was running late and couldn't find my netball team (and I was playing in a tournament).

What's the last thing you bought?
The Milk anniversary publication and Babiekins magazine. Bye bye Grazia and hello Gurgle!

Parenting is...
Life changing (a cliche, I know). I have never been so tired and yet so inspired. Every day I get to see the world through these tiny innocent eyes and he really makes me appreciate all the small things.

Working is...
Exhilarating. Every day a new and exciting opportunity arises and I'm grabbing them all with both hands. You're a long time dead so I intend to appreciate every single experience.

Shoes Akid Brand from Abacus Kids  
Necklace by Sweeties the Shop  
Mask by Hubble and Duke  
Dumbo cup  
Caroline Bosmans hat from Cissy Wears  
Tee, Nor-Folk  

Work hard tee, by Nor-Folk  
Larsson and Jennings watch  
Pioneer headphones  
Whistles sunglasses  
Kiyoko lip balm  
Marble necklace by A Weathered Penny  
Els and Nel journal from Simple Form (Australia)  
Mobile case from Etsy

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Words: Anna Whitehouse