"Running makes me feel free and alive"

Jessica Dorsey with the Bugaboo Runner

"Running makes me feel free and alive"

2015-06-09 - When a lifelong runner and a football player met at college, their relationship was bound to be based on the active, outdoor lifestyle. Now located in L.A., Kevin and Jessica Dorsey (with daughter Lily), talk about their default setting as runners and their first impression of the Bugaboo Runner.

When did you start running and why?
Jessica Dorsey: “I started running at a very early age, in primary school, but started to really get into running when I was about 12 years old; I used to get up really early and run to the donut store and back. Kevin and I met at college in Wisconsin in my third year, he was a college football player but was injured early in his career, I got him into running!”

What type of runner are you?
Jessica: “Definitely an endurance runner, I run marathons including LA, Boston, Sacramento, around five to date. But I also love to go on shorter 5K walks or along the beach with my husband and daughter Lily.”
Kevin: “I run to exercise, to feel good and to feel fast. 

How did it feel to complete your first marathon?
Jessica: “Well I have been running for a long time but running my first marathon in 2012 just felt magical. I was immediately hooked.  I started marathon training after I had Lily and would often go out with a jogging stroller; she’s been with me from the start which is amazing.” 

What does running mean to you?
Jessica: “Running means everything to me. Because it plays such a big part in my life (and my family’s life) I think about running all the time and link many of my personal goals to running, when I see a hill or beautiful landscape I think about running. It’s also a great time for reflection. ” 

How often do you run?
Jessica: "I train about three times a week, and go on different types of runs. Weekend runs are usually long, and for discovering new trails. I just pick somewhere to go running and Kevin will come get me at the end.” 

Does your kid like to come running?
Kevin (his face lighting up): “Lily loves to come running. She is often the first one to ask whether we can go running or hiking. We play games all the way, she has a great imagination.”

How has having a child affected your running?
Kevin: “There’s a little more prep but it’s fun. Having Lily hasn’t slowed us down at all: in fact it’s made us more creative.”
Jessica: “If I’m going for a run with Lily and the jogging stroller, I grab a few snacks, water and a blanket for her and just go! It’s really special that Lily has been along for the ride since she was an infant. She loves it, even if I have to bargain with her a little bit sometimes.” 

“Lily is often the first to ask whether we can go running”

What was your first impression of the Bugaboo Runner?
Jessica: “It’s so stylish. I’ve never seen a jogging stroller that is so functional and easy to run with and also looks great.”
Kevin: “It’s so smooth!” 

Which apps do you use for running + route?
Jessica: “I like Nike+ and have recently invested in a Garmin watch so I use that. I also like listening to Latin workout music while running, but if I had to pick one it would be ‘Eye of the Tiger’ as cheesy as that sounds.”

“It feels better when your feet take you there”

What is the best thing about running?
Kevin: “Running makes me feel free, it makes me feel alive, but more than anything just free. It’s something you can do by yourself with no one around.”
Jessica: “The fact that it’s so flexible, you can do it anywhere, anytime and it’s free. It’s also easy to pick up again after an injury for example. I love exploring new places and isn’t it better when you can say that your feet took you there?”