Bugaboo Goes Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Bugaboo Goes Berlin

2015-02-23 - Berlin insider and Bugaboo Cristoph Bartusch talks Brand Store, Berlin fashion and growing up this German metropolis.

What is your job at Bugaboo?
“I’m the account manager for Germany and the Bugaboo Berlin Brand Store Manager.”

How long have you been with Bugaboo and what did you do before?
“I’ve been here for just over a year now. I was introduced to the brand via a friend and heard that they were looking for an account manager with retail experience. Before this, I worked in the fashion industry for various outdoor/work wear brands one of which was Paul Frank.”

How were you involved with the Bugaboo Berlin Brand Store?
“When I started at Bugaboo, we were looking for a cool location to open the latest flagship store here in Berlin. It was difficult to find somewhere and another location didn’t go through right at the end. It was a friend from my children’s Kindergarten who pointed me to this place. The location is perfect for Bugaboo, there’s a 50/50 divide between working and living, a cool playground opposite the store, not to mention this area has the highest birthrate in Europe!”

Could you tell us a little bit more about the neighborhood?
“It’s a really special place because of its history, the Berlin wall used to run straight through the middle. 10 years ago there wasn’t much here, then a shop called Apartment came which offered a completely new concept. That’s where the evolution of this area started and being here now with the Bugaboo Brand Store makes me proud to be a part of that evolution.”

The shop itself feels very different to the one in Amsterdam…
“Yes, we wanted to create a concept store here with different functions. So there is a place to meet, to get information about our products, there’s a repair shop even. It’s not just about buying new products here, we want to offer people a full experience and have them leave the store with a good feeling.”

What else can we do in this area?
“Definitely shopping, there are some one-of-a-kind shops in this area with a selection of brands that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. My favourites are: Firmament (Linienstrasse 40), Civilist (Brunnenstraße 13), 14oz (Neue Schönhauser Straße 13), the Adidas flagship store (Münzstraße 13-15), and SOTO Berlin (Torstraße 72).”

What do you love about Berlin, what made you want to raise your kids here?
“It has its good and bad sides; on the one hand you could worry a lot about your kids running around in the big city, but I think growing up in such a (multi) culturally-rich place is a great preparation for the future.”