The Great Summer Outdoors: the Beach

The Great Summer Outdoors: the Beach

2015-08-17 - Whether it’s downtown or a five-hour flight away, going to the beach is a guaranteed good day out. Here’s how we avoid heatstroke and maximise the fun!

Who doesn’t remember building sand castles and jumping through waves as a child? If not an actual sandy port, maybe a lake, lagoon or loch dominated some part of your childhood. To recreate endless fun for your own kids and a relaxing time for yourself – without ending up looking like a beachcomber –follow these simple tips to help you on your way.

While the older kids are cavorting in the sea, building sand castles and burying themselves (and each other) elbow-deep in the sand, the beach itself can potentially be a bit boring for the youngest brood. While some may be lucky enough to visit tropical bounty beaches complete with warm yet refreshing water, most of us are not. Don’t think for a minute we’re going in waist deep through salt, sludge and a potential cardiac arrest due to freezing temperatures. Instead we’re bringing a small inflatable pool to keep our youngest close and entertained – okay, and to have our own personal foot spa. Inflatables, plastic toys, bath books, basically anything that jumps in at bath time is suitable for this VIP swimming area. 

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The beach used to be such a relaxing place before there were toddlers in our midst, now we are constantly searching the horizon, hawk’s eye firmly fixed on our brood. There are ways to minimise the risk – and sheer terror – of losing a kid at a crowded beach. Brightly-coloured lycra shirts are great and even provide extra sun protection, but writing your phone number on your kid’s arm (with non-toxic, waterproof ink) is always a good idea, just in case.
The more the merrier certainly applies to beach visits, the more grownups that is. Take shifts spotting the kids while the other relaxes with monthly horoscopes, celebrity gossip and beauty news; short bursts of info are best for the beach so don’t bother brining your Kafka.

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Sand patties
Beaches tend to be pretty sandy, and the sand will get everywhere. In your ears, up your nose, up your… you get the idea, it’s sandy. Although this is all part of the fun, the texture of sand combined with sandwiches just isn’t great. A little baby powder on sandy hands will get most of it off but there is no shame in hand-feeding. Portioned snacks are great – if you drop one, just grab a new one – and we love the idea of bringing frozen goods such as water and fruit, which will remain cold, meaning less need for a cooler!
Don’t forget your stroller doubles as a shaded lounge bed for baby and a vessel for transporting all your beach essentials!  And we hardly need to remind you, but as Baz Lhurmann’s 1999 anthem taught us: “Wear sunscreen.”

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