Bugaboo Friends: Macarena Gea

Bugaboo Friends: Macarena Gea

2015-03-25 - A born and bred Valencian, even after her studies Macarena Gea never wanted to leave this stunning city. Combining her family life with being an architect and popular event planner doesn’t seem to faze her: at six she switches off.

Three in one

Ever since I was a child I have loved architecture, so when the moment came it was clear what I wanted to study. I enjoyed it so much that I worked as a scholar for several years – during which time I started my lifestyle blog – and later founded my own course on architecture and interior design. After sharing all the preparations and details of my wedding to David on my blog, some of my readers asked whether I could help design their weddings. At first it seemed impossible due to lack of resources but now, five years on, I’m able to harmonise these three professions in my daily life

Whatever project I’m working on, there are two moments within the creative process that I enjoy the most. On the one hand I love the start of a project when I’m brainstorming together with my client to establish the scope. Then there’s that moment when your ideas have become reality and the clients start to enjoy and truly live in the space or the event that we’ve been working on for so many months. Almost nothing makes me happier than seeing a satisfied customer.



I used to travel a lot for work but nowadays I try to spend as much time as possible at home in Valencia with my family. Valencia is where I was born and raised I have lived here almost my entire life. It’s the third most important city in Spain but it’s not huge and the city treats me kindly.

I try to be at home for lunch each day and I work until six, after that the world stops and all my time is spent playing with and taking care of my son Mateo. My favourite area is the neighbourhood where I live: El Ensanche. I love its structured urban scheme, the noble typology of the buildings, the streets with their trees, not to mention the restaurants and shops. Valencia even has a beach, and great weather.


Take it easy

Relaxation and improvisation are the two key words for a day out with my family. I love to go walking with Mateo in his Bugaboo Cameleon (Mateo is pictured in a limited-edition Bugaboo Cameleon Avenue ed.), while talking aimlessly with my husband. From the moment I knew I was pregnant, I looked for something that could easily adapt to our rhythm of life which is urban and quite bus: a stroller that’s easy to use for us, comfortable for our baby, and has a clean and timeless aesthetic.

We moved into our current house a year ago and as an architect, to plan my own house was a dream come true. It’s a penthouse in an antique building which we renovated completely. We fell in love with this house because of its location, the views and the huge amount of light that comes in and floods the house with a sense of joy. I generally pick low-cost furniture which I customise, but when the budget allows I’ll add some design pieces. The house has a definite Nordic accent with a vintage touch.

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