Say ‘YES!’ to fabrics made with recycled materials

Bugaboo Fox Fabric

Say ‘YES!’ to fabrics made with recycled materials

2018-10-01 - Did you know the Bugaboo Fox fabrics are made with recycled PET bottles? We speak with Responsible Business manager Lise Hordijk about why we chose to use recycled materials and how the process works.

At Bugaboo, we’ve always made products that are built to last. Not only does this offer better value for money, it also lowers the product’s environmental impact. One of the questions for the Bugaboo Fox development team was whether we could use less raw materials to begin with. That’s where our fabrics made with recycled materials come in…

Responsible Business manager Lise Hordijk explains: ‘Stroller fabrics would usually be made from virgin polyester, but using recycled PET bottles means we don’t need to start the process with this raw material. We’re using material that already exists and this has the added benefit of using plastic bottles that might otherwise end up in the ocean or landfills.’  

The question for some parents is whether using recycled materials gives the fabric different properties. In reality, the only major difference is the material we start with. Just like the fabrics on our other strollers, Bugaboo Fox fabrics are breathable, free from harmful substances and designed for daily use. The durable 600-denier material has UPF 50+, and is weather resistant, comfortable, and easy to remove — so you can wash it as often as you wish.

How the fabrics are made
We work with a fabric supplier from our approved vendor list and the process is certified according to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The Standard gives guidelines for social and environmental requirements during the production stage. The fabrics also carry the SGS Recycled Content Certification, which evaluates products made from material diverted from the waste stream.

Step one
The production process begins with PET bottles supplied by independent recycling companies and government programs. The bottles are cleaned thoroughly, separated by color and the labels and caps are removed.

Step two
Next up, the bottles are crushed and shredded into small flakes. During quality control, the flakes are tested and inspected for things such as size, color and moisture content. 

Step three
The flakes are melted into thin fibers, then twisted together to create a strong yarn.  Transparent bottles produce white yarns and green bottles create light green yarn. 

Step four
During the next part of the process, the yarn is woven or knitted to produce our fabrics, then dyed to create the colors for our collections. Our Core and Signature Collection fabrics are made from 100% recycled yarns, and our Premium Collection fabrics are made from 50% recycled yarns.
You’re probably wondering why our Premium Collection fabrics aren’t made from 100% recycled yarns. Lise explains: ‘As you might have noticed, our Premium Collection features mélange fabrics. These fabrics have a blended color effect, which gives the material a sense of depth. This means we have to mix two different colored yarns to get the desired fabric effect. In this case, we use one yarn made from PET bottles and one regular yarn.’

Step five
In the final step, the fabrics are stitched to create the bassinet, sun canopy and seat of the Bugaboo Fox. This part of the process is carried out in our own factory, which means we can ensure the final product meets our high quality and safety standards.
Now all that’s left to do is choose your favorite color combination.