Design story: the Bugaboo Fox

Senior Product Developer Marco Nieuwenhuizen

Design story: the Bugaboo Fox

2018-02-27 - In this Journal, we give you a peek behind the scenes and talk with Senior Product Developer Marco Nieuwenhuizen about creating the ultimate comfort stroller.

The Bugaboo Fox is finally here. Our latest innovation boasts the smoothest ride, the lightest push and our best drive performance yet. It’s strong and sturdy, yet light and compact for easy lifting and carrying.  As you can probably guess, developing all these new features didn’t happen overnight. The project started around 3 years ago and almost 20 years of stroller expertise went into designing the all-new stroller. Here’s just a snapshot of that story: 

Design challenges

During the design process, one of the challenges the team faced was to create a sturdy stroller, while keeping the weight under 10kg. The stroller needed to be durable, but with practicalities like lifting and carrying in mind. Throughout the process, the development team was vigilant that new parts and materials didn’t add weight to the stroller. 

The team looked at each part in depth to see where robust materials were essential, and where lighter alternatives could be used. For the chassis, they used a new alloy of aluminium (used in the car and plane industry) which is stronger than the previously used alloy, without being heavier. In the end, they succeeded in producing a strong and sturdy stroller weighing in at just 9.9kg.

Senior Product Developer Marco Nieuwenhuizen explains: “Creating a stroller that is sturdy and lightweight comes down to a combination of clever engineering and design, and it takes a lot of calculations to get it just right.”

The perfect balance 

The Bugaboo Fox offers our best drive performance yet. It’s light to push and easy to maneuver in tight spaces and busy areas, all while providing a comfortable ride for your child. This is all possible thanks to the clever design of the central joint. 

The benefit of having central joint suspension is that the rear wheels receive extra suspension (on top of the rear-wheel suspension) without sacrificing the drive performance. If you put all the suspension in the rear wheels, this can make it difficult to steer and maneuver the stroller. If you take away the suspension altogether, you lose the comfort factor. The suspension in the central joint helps create the perfect balance: a comfortable ride for your child AND a comfortable driving experience for you. 

Designed to last

The Bugaboo Fox takes our philosophy of creating a long-lasting stroller to the next level. By separating the hardware from parts and fabrics, our design team created a stroller that can be easily serviced and repaired to extend its life cycle. The stroller has a lower environmental impact because we use durable materials for the parts that need to last, and materials that can be recycled for the parts which are subject to more wear and tear. In addition, we produced the fabrics for the Core and Premium collection with recycled PET bottles.

“Parents are becoming more and more aware of the environment and want to make better choices. The Bugaboo Fox answers that need because it’s designed to be a long-lasting, serviceable stroller.” Marco Nieuwenhuizen.

This modular design also makes it possible for you to create your own stroller by mixing and matching the different fabrics, wheel caps and grips. And when your stroller needs a refresh or you feel like a new look, it’s easy to switch things up.

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