@Stephina and family say ‘YES!’ to the Bugaboo Fox

@Stephina with a Bugaboo stroller

@Stephina and family say ‘YES!’ to the Bugaboo Fox

2018-03-30 - In this Journal, we catch up with Steph from Australia’s sunny Gold Coast to discuss becoming a parent and what saying ‘YES!’ means to her.

Steph and her husband Josh live in sunny Queensland, Australia. In June 2017, they welcomed their first child Daisy and their parenting adventure began. From city to trips to lazy days on the beach, we find out what they’ve been up to and get the lowdown on their new Bugaboo Fox.

How has life changed since Daisy came along?

It is hard to remember a time before Daisy was in our lives, it’s like she has always been here. My husband and I would always talk about what type of parents we wanted to be. Josh said ‘We are going to do everything we do now!’… but that didn’t quite work out for him. 

Quite early on, we got into the habit of taking Daisy out into the world. Of course, we did things a little differently than we did before, like only planning one thing per day so she gets her naps in (which I still do)… and learning to apply my makeup while breastfeeding. Now she is 9 months old and things definitely run more smoothly. 

Where did you go for your first stroll with the Bugaboo Fox?

Our first outing was to ‘The Farm Byron bay’. This was a great place to test how it would perform on a tougher terrain. We had a lovely breakfast, strolled through the vegetable gardens and stopped to look at all of the animals. And it was a success! It was so easy to stroll over the bumps. I’m calling it the four-wheel drive of strollers!

What does saying ‘YES!’ mean to you? And how does the Bugaboo Fox support that?

My husband and I love spending our weekends going to cafes and the beach. On Sundays, we always try to make an effort to spend the day together as a family… even if we are extremely tired. I think it’s important to try and do different things with your baby so they can learn to be in different environments, whether it’s by the beach feeling the sand between their chubby fingers or at a park watching the birds and trees. The Bugaboo Fox makes all of this a lot easier, I can take it down to the beach or park with all of the things we need.

Have you been on any trips as a family?

Our first little holiday as a family was to Noosa when Daisy was 3 months old. We have always loved Noosa and it was such a relaxing and peaceful time for all of us. We also just recently took a trip to Melbourne where I took the Bugaboo Fox along in the Bugaboo Comfort Transport Bag.  At first, I was a bit hesitant in taking the stroller on top of everything else but it was so easy because the case had WHEELS and was so light to pull along. 

Our next holiday is to Bali next month and we are definitely taking the Bugaboo Fox!

How would you describe your personal style and did this influence the color combination you chose?

Personally, I am quite plain. I love just a t-shirt and jeans. I honestly don’t own anything black but the all-black Bugaboo Fox caught my eye straight away. I loved that it was all one color and knew it would suit my style as well as my husband’s. 

What would you tell other parents who are considering the Bugaboo Fox? 

All parents want convenience and anything that can make our lives easier is a huge help in keeping calm and happy. The Bugaboo Fox makes your life easier… and I am not just saying that! It is so light and easy to fold up and pop in the boot of the car, and the under seat basket is perfect for all of your essentials on a day trip out. Everything is great quality and it rolls along so smoothly that whoever is with you will want to push the stroller (that’s what happens to me anyway) which is always a nice break!

Thanks to Steph for sharing her story. You can follow her adventures on Instagram @stephina

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