Great gifts for new parents


Great gifts for new parents

2018-12-06 - Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for new parents or Christmas gifts for new moms and dads, we’ve got you covered.

At Bugaboo, we know that the gift-giving season, special occasions or a new arrival can catch you completely unprepared. Here is a little cheat sheet that we made just for you: 

Gifts for new parents

For the fashionista in your life:  Storksak +Bugaboo leather bag 
Our Bugaboo Storksak Leather Bag is the perfect gift idea for new moms who don’t want to compromise style over function. The bag evolves from the catch-all diaper bag to the mom bag which will essentially become your own handbag (but there still might be wet wipes and old cereal at the bottom of it). Luckily, the sumptuous soft black leather exterior with a sophisticated and clean design is not only bound to match any outfit but will also hide what’s on the inside. Our favorite feature though is the extra wide opening so you can stuff in whatever you need (no judgement).

For the wanderluster: Bugaboo Comfort Transport bag
Bugaboo products are built for mobility and we want our strollers to be able to go wherever you go. From baggage claim to train platform to the taxi stand, the Bugaboo Comfort Transport Bag is ready to go with comfortable carry handles, shoulder straps, and wheels. It might be a little on the practical side, but sometimes those are the best gifts for new parents.  
For the Hygge fan: Bugaboo blankets 
When it comes to gifts for new parents, you can’t go wrong with a blanket. Need something lightweight but still snuggly? Perfect for the summertime, the Bugaboo light Cotton Blanket comes in three colors — the sunniest yellow we could find, a subdued soft pink, and a spicy neon red. The blanket is made from 100% natural cotton, which means it is super soft and comfortable for even the most sensitive of skin. 
Something for the cooler months? The Bugaboo Soft Wool Blanket with merino wool allows your child’s temperature to be regulated. Spills aren’t a problem for this powerhouse of a blanket, for small spills the easy-care finish allows them to be wiped away and forgotten. For a bit of a bigger mess just throw the blanket in the washing machine and tumble dry. In two beautiful neutrals —- soft white or light grey mélange — the blankets also expertly match most couches when the grownups get cold too.

For the outdoor enthusiast: Bugaboo High-Performance Footmuff
The most thoughtful and unique gifts for new moms and dads are the ones that suit their lifestyle. For your friends and family who like to don their hiking boots and get out whatever the weather, the Bugaboo High-Performance Footmuff is the perfect accessory. They can use it all year round because it adapts to different seasons with a detachable down-filled insert — take it out when the sun starts showing her face, or put it back in when cool grey days are upon us.

Best gifts for new moms

For the Snack queen/king: Bugaboo Snack Tray
We are pretty sure that the parenting starter kit stresses the fact that one must always have at least eight different snacks at hand to avoid being hangry — a serious affliction for both parent and child. The Bugaboo Snack Tray is one of the best gifts for new moms — you can fit enough snacks that if you snag one for yourself your child won’t find out (and we certainly won’t tell). For the bigger kids, the sliding cover allows for easy self-serve access. 
For the perpetual lost boy: Bugaboo Smartphone Holder
We know having a smartphone holder attached to your Bugaboo stroller isn’t for everyone. But, we at Bugaboo recommend the Bugaboo Smartphone Holder as one of our gift ideas for new moms, especially for the people who love to travel but are bad at directions. When out exploring a new city, getting lost definitely has its appeal, but we always recommend trying to find your way back to your hotel at the very least. With the Bugaboo Smartphone Holder simply pop your smartphone in and use that navigation app until you can’t walk any further.

For minimalist mom: Bugaboo Organizer
We all know this kind of mom, but she is still a bit of a unicorn amongst mothers. The one who seems to have things pretty together on most days, the one who will invite you out for a spur of the moment coffee. She always has everything she needs but never looks like she’s schlepping stuff for four small humans. If you know this unicorn, ask her to write a book and then gift her this Bugaboo Organizer. Available in blue and grey mélange, this organizer is a handy yet unique gift for new moms everywhere. It allows for all those necessities to be easily within reach, with its sturdy Velcro® tabs it can hang on the handlebar just as easily as it can hang over the shoulder. 
For the first-time mom: Bugaboo Mammoth Bag
As a new parent, you have to carry a lot of ‘stuff’ that you never even knew you needed. And that’s on top of all the things you pick up when you’re out and about or during a last-minute dash for groceries. Enter the Bugaboo Mammoth Bag, true to its name it carries everything, actually everything. With up to 30 liters of space and a maximum weight capacity of 12kg, everything you need to survive a day out as a new parent should be able to fit.

Need more gift ideas for new parents? Take a scroll through our accessories collection and find the perfect gift to suit that special someone and their new arrival.