Location: headquarters amsterdam, NL
Department: Product development

The Integrator leads the product developers during New Concept Development (NCD). The Integrator is responsible for the execution of the complete development of a creative concept in a NCD project, until handover to New Product Development (NPD). The Integrator reports to the Chief Design Officer (CDO).


  • Responsible for the creation and validation of a creative concept in line with the concept essence owned by the CDO.
  • Applies the system engineering approach and owns requirements, solutions and verifications in Cockpit, during NCD.
  • Cooperate with the future Lead Engineer to deliver a clear and feasible concept definition to NPD.
  • Is design-and technical team leader and takes decisions in the team. Takes decisions at (sub)-module level in time and creates options to come to a decision on Concept (System) level.
  • The Integrator manages the work of the project team on a daily basis and assigns tasks, planning and work load.
  • Responsible to ensure solutions comply with applicable laws, regulations and industry standards.
  • Be pro-active to take the product to a higher level. Look for opportunities and threats, take initiative.
  • Act as an ambassador for the product, be a link and communicate clearly among the team, the CDO, GPEM & CDD and the company.

Professional Skills      

  • Looks at problems from different angles, finds multiple solutions to choose from. Has a broad scope on style, function, commercial and technology
  • Ability to develop product concepts that support business strategies and models.
  • Understanding of aesthetics, usability and technology (integration of form and function)
  • Has extensive system, product, compliance and safety knowledge
  • Knowledge of NCD/NPD methodology & process to bring new products to market.
  • Familiar with the complete path from concept generation, product (system) architecture until detailed engineering.
  • Requirements engineering: Ability to write proper requirements, design solutions according to given requirements and provide proper verification and validation of given designs to given requirements for systems and subsystems.
  • Skilled in Idea screening & -validation, risk assessment & -reduction.
  • Skilled in planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve goals. Keeping the balance between time, money and scope.
  • Constantly monitor the expected cost and breakdown. Work towards a target product costs in line with business case.
  • Intellectual property knowledge: Basic understanding of IP design protection methods like Patents and design (model) protection.

Personal Competences           

  • Cognitive learning
  • Analytical thinking
  • Conceptual thinking
  • Helicopter view
  • People oriented leadership

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