We couldn't do it without you!

We couldn't do it without you!

2016-04-22 - The Bugaboo Feedback Monitor is our direct line to our customers. It’s a platform that allows us to get your feedback about how we can improve our products. We’re delighted to announce that over 25,000 people have taken part since 2013!

You’re part of our journey

As a company we strive for perfection. But perfection isn’t about standing still… It’s about changing, adapting and pushing forward. We work hard to keep improving our products and innovating. In order to do that we need valuable insights from the people who use our products the most: our customers and our fans!
Three years ago we launched our very own Feedback Monitor with the intention of capturing suggestions and comments and usage behavior from the people out there and using our products every day. And to get these suggestions straight onto the drawing board and in front of our team of designers and engineers.  
So, what kind of things have we found out? 

We discovered that, for example, when it comes to the Bugaboo Bee³ the most popular color combination is a black seat and chassis combined with a yellow sun canopy. In fact did you know that including carry cots, there are actually over 250 different color combinations for the Bugaboo Bee³? This means that even if you decide to rock that yellow with black combination, you’ll still only have a 1 in 13 chance of bumping into another Bugaboo Bee³ with the same colors!

We also found out that half of Bugaboo Donkey owners who originally got their stroller to accommodate one child ended up using it in the duo mode – for two children - over time. And the Bugaboo Donkey owners who did not have another child have expressed how much they value the side luggage bag, and consider it one of the product’s best features.  Plus they mentioned how many compliments they receive on the street when they go out with their Bugaboo Donkey.

When it comes to our original stroller, the Bugaboo Cameleon³, we’ve discovered that the vast majority of our customers taking part in the Feedback Monitor feel that the high performance and longevity of the product makes it great value for money. They say it’s better to invest in one Bugaboo Cameleon³ than to buy several lower priced strollers. Finally, an incredible 93% of families who had the Bugaboo Cameleon³ but whose children have outgrown it, have recommended our iconic stroller to their own network of friends and family.

As a result of our drive to keep innovating we’ve introduced more than 1,400 product and process improvements in the last four years. So we’re constantly working at making the best even better. And we’re extremely thankful to all of our fans who have taken the time to share their experience of our products with us.   
Keep up the good work!    

Would you like to take part in the Bugaboo Feedback Monitor too? Please click here to say hi to us. We’ll sign you up within a month.    

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