The One that's inspired by nature

The One that's inspired by nature

2016-08-10 - “Our all-new Bugaboo Cameleon³ Elements is inspired by natural elements like the wind, water and sky.” Designer Sietske Sinnema talks about her creative process and what inspired her to create the intricate details on this fashion-forward stroller.

Reinventing the Bugaboo Cameleon³

The Bugaboo Cameleon³ is our original stroller, created for parents who care about design and want to go everywhere with their newborns.  This iconic stroller is still unbeaten after more than 15 years in the market due to its simplicity, versatility and high quality. 

Each year Bugaboo reimagines this product to create a limited edition line. This year we are introducing the Bugaboo Cameleon³ Elements, a luxurious new take on the original, coming with an array of special details, all echoing nature.

So how do you re-invent an original? 

We speak to Sietske Sinnema, designer for the Bugaboo Cameleon³ Elements to find out.

Form meets function

 “When we start working on something new, we always go back to the core of the product: form and function integrated. Then we use the original product design of the Bugaboo Cameleon as a blank canvas to tell our story on top of.  The story we wanted to tell this time was about nature. Not just glorifying nature, but in some way expressing that nature is also delicate and quite vulnerable. This design also represents some of the bigger questions around our natural environment.” 

Back to nature, in style

For the design of a product like a stroller, it’s not just about inspiration, but rather bringing an idea to life through specific details.  “I’m always looking at aesthetics. Searching for an organic construct to put into the design. A symmetry. It sounds very high-level, but in the end it’s about the details. It’s about articulating an idea into a product that people will use and love every day. To do that, we captured the shapes, colors and textures you see in the natural world.”

Beauty in the details

The most striking feature on the Bugaboo Cameleon³ Elements is without doubt the gradient colour effect on the bassinet and back of the seat: sea blue slowly changes and fades to a light-colored mélange. “This gradient represents the sea. From the dark depths of the ocean to the transparent surface. I chose those colors carefully. And the final effect is quite unique - it’s never been seen before on a stroller.”

The other special feature is the seat inlay, where special stitching creates a quilted pattern, drawing a shape inspired by the veins on a leaf. “There is actually nothing more perfect than the shapes that nature creates. That’s the essence I intended to capture on the seat.” And just to add more versatility, the color is interchangeable.  One side is soft pink mélange and the other is azure blue mélange.


A hand-stitched leather-look handle bar and carry handle adds a touch of luxury and matches other black details on the stroller. “The leather-look handlebars grounds the product very nicely, it lets the finer details stand out and gives it a bit of edge.”

Engaging with the zeitgeist

Where did the idea come from? Sietske explains: “My creative process starts by becoming very aware of what's happening outside of Bugaboo, outside of our industry. So I look at different forms of creativity, such as architecture, interior design and catwalk fashion, to find out what design is doing now. And perhaps more importantly I engage with the zeitgeist. What are people talking about? What are the big questions of our time?”

Freedom to create

The entire design team at Bugaboo - which includes fabric engineers, graphic designers and technicians - is encouraged to think big and to have a certain freedom in how they work.  “Thinking differently about design is encouraged at Bugaboo.”

“This open culture comes directly from Max Barenbrug, the chief designer and co-founder of Bugaboo. He gives us the freedom to find our own creative solutions, in our own, non-linear way. Sometimes that means sketching, sometimes that means getting behind the sewing machine and feeling your way through a problem - sometimes it’s looking outside of our category.”

Stand out from the crowd

Finally, who is the Bugaboo Cameleon³ Elements made for?   “This stroller is for everyone with an eye for detail. People who don’t want to look like everyone else in the street – people who like to stand out a little - and who have a point of view.  Also as I mentioned before, it’s all about integrating form and function. So this stroller looks soft and light, but it’s surprisingly durable. So you really can get out in the elements!”

All in all, these carefully considered details add up to a look that’s as fresh as it is fashionable. Everything has been thought through. 

“I always continue working until I think it’s perfect. The functional features all fit and work in harmony with the overall concept.  I never stop until the story I want to tell resonates in all the details.” 

The Bugaboo Cameleon³ Elements, The One that’s inspired by nature 

Available from September

Have a look at all the details here


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