Grey Is Back!

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Grey Is Back!

2016-03-03 - Mix and match with other colors – or go for a neutral, all-grey stroller this year. Grey Mélange Tailored Fabric Sets are now available for all strollers. Will you go for grey?

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2015’s most popular color for the Bugaboo Bee³, Grey Mélange, will soon be available as a Tailored Fabric Set for the Bugaboo Cameleon³, the Bugaboo Buffalo and the Bugaboo Donkey. We asked two stylish mothers to share their love for grey.

Stephanie Duval, the self-proclaimed creative strategist, traveler, design geek and now mother, has impeccable taste for both interior design and fashion. “You could say my style is understated and minimalistic. The color grey is omnipresent in my home and in my closet. The Grey Mélange color was exactly what we were looking for to complement our iconic Bugaboo Cameleon³; the stroller fits so perfectly in our lives!”

Grey Mélange is a three-tone blend, a mix of different grey tones which gives the material a sense of depth. The neutral tone combines perfectly with all colors - and has a modern, yet timeless look. It’s the perfect way to update your stroller.

Founder of Ministrikk styles and mother of two, Charlotte Pettersen, seamlessly integrates shades of grey in her daily life. “The Grey Mélange fabric is classy and timeless.” She has styled the Grey Mélange Tailored Fabric Set with her black-on-black Bugaboo Buffalo, the stroller she considers perfect for her family. “It’s a light-weight stroller and easy to maneuver in the city of Oslo yet robust enough to handle snow in the winter and walks in the woods in the summertime.”

The Grey Mélange Tailored Fabric Sets is now available for all strollers.


We introduced the first Bugaboo stroller in 1999, with the idea to create the perfect all-in-one: a stroller that’s flexible enough to go anywhere and everywhere. This was the blueprint for today’s Bugaboo Cameleon³. Loved by generations of parents, the Bugaboo Cameleon³ has become the most iconic stroller out there.

It’s The One that has it all.
Because great design is timeless.

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