Bugaboo Runner: Fito Florensa

Bugaboo Runner: Fito Florensa

2015-07-27 - Being a parent doesn’t mean you have to give up exercising, although sticking to a regular routine can be a little tricky with a child on each hip. Personal trainer Fito Florensa (31) of Men’s Health Spain shares his tips on combining healthy living with a busy family life.

You’re a trainer for Men’s Health, what does that entail exactly?
Fito: “I’m a personal trainer, coach and author with a degree in Sports Science, with specialisation in Sports Performance. I train professional sportsmen, celebrities, amateurs and people who want to start exercising. In addition to my work at Men’s Health Spain, I own and manage a gym called ‘Core’ in Barcelona where we have a unique concept of combining fitness with healthy food and nutritional advice.”

Are you a runner yourself?
“Yes. I ran the Barcelona Marathon this year.”

Left: Fito Florensa during a Bugaboo Runner event in Madrid

Why is it important for parents to maintain active lifestyles after having children?
“The answer is simple: You are what you do, not what you say. The WHO (World Health Organisation) says that health is not only a lack of disease, but a physical, mental and social balance. You can’t be completely healthy without exercise and it’s something you should do throughout your life. By running with your child, you give the right example from the very start.”

Most parents think they don’t have enough time to exercise regularly. Can you share some tips on how to integrate exercise into a daily routine?
"In our free time we have our physical needs (eating, making love and training, for instance), our chores (taking kids to school, opening letters, going to the bank) and leisure time (sport, reading, going out with your friends). You want to make sure that exercise becomes a priority, whether that’s early in the morning or late at night.”

Tell us about the benefits of exercising regularly.
“In addition to reducing heart problems, and lowering fat percentage and cholesterol, you secrete endorphins (hormones of happiness and serenity) that will make you feel better about others and yourself.”

It seems like everyone is running these days. Why do you think it is such a popular form of exercise?
“I think there are two reasons. First, it’s a very low-cost exercise; you just need running shoes and comfortable clothes. Running itself is in our DNA as human beings: everyone knows how to do it. On the other hand, García Ferrando (a sociologist of Spanish sport) has said in his numerous publications that people nowadays are stuck in monotonous repetitive lifestyles that lack adventure. We go from home to work, from work to home. Running gives you the chance to really live, to get lost somewhere, run through the mountains, find yourself, and feel alive.”

What are the advantageous of running with a jogging stroller?
“In the past, people ran with a stroller that wasn’t specifically designed for running. The main advantage of a real running stroller is ergonomics. The best and most comfortable way to run with the stroller is to hold it in one hand, instead of two, and alternate. And I recommend doing strength exercises, like squats, with the handlebar of your stroller to work your stabiliser muscles and give security and stability to your hips, knees and ankles.”

More Fito Florensa here, http://www.fitoflorensa.com/.

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