Are you moving freely yet?

Are you moving freely yet?

2016-11-08 - From strollers to travel? We recently surprised our friends, fans and customers by introducing luggage systems alongside our range of strollers. So what’s the connection? We’ve always said that Bugaboo is a mobility brand - but what do we really mean by that?



On 6 September 2016, we unveiled the brand new Bugaboo Boxer to the world. It’s not a suitcase, it’s a luggage system. We’ve tapped into over 20 years of mobility expertise to design a luggage system that’s revolutionary and that’s going to change the way people move – again. We speak to Max Barenbrug, co-founder; and Madeleen Klaasen, chief marketing officer of Bugaboo to discover what “MOVE FREELY” really means to Bugaboo – and to find out why mobility has always been at the heart of our brand.

Madeleen Klaasen, chief marketing officer of Bugaboo

Madeleen Klaasen, chief marketing officer of Bugaboo

“People know us for our iconic strollers,” says Madeleen Klaasen, marketing chief at Bugaboo.  “But our company was never just about strollers; it has always been about helping people move freely.”

When I came for my very first meeting with Bugaboo 15 years ago, Max described his vision for mobility. This vision totally inspired me to take the job - as one of the first employees - and still gets me out of bed every morning.” 
So where did this passion for mobility first come from?       

Max’s journey


“It all started with my obsession with wheels…” says Max, co-founder of Bugaboo. As a young boy he didn’t spend his days playing football with the other kids on his street, but instead was always found in the garage, busy inventing and building new types of bicycles and other vehicles. “I’ve ALWAYS had a thing for wheels — the way they get you from A to B with this weightless, gliding sensation that makes you feel free. That feeling of freedom, the sheer effortlessness of it, gives you energy.  I spent my best hours as a kid tinkering away on bicycles and scooters. When I was 10, with neighborhood friends I made a 50-foot-long chain of bikes by taking off the front wheels and connecting them—much to the neighbors' amusement!”

Max continued to invent and to chase the idea of mobility, which took him all the way to university where he graduated with honors in 1994 at the Design Academy of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. His final graduation project was a stroller - the prototype for all Bugaboo strollers of today. So what started as one man’s visionary design project has grown into a global business that has helped millions of people to get out and explore the world.

“In retrospect it was probably a little bit strange, but as a kid I was never happier than when I was hard at work inventing something totally new on wheels. Actually not much has changed since then!”  

Max again:  “We’re a mobility company at heart. We believe that freedom of movement is essential to truly experience feeling free.”

How does this vision resonate in the design of Bugaboo’s products?  Max explains: “Bugaboo is a design-led company and we create all our products from the perspective of movement. We are constantly looking around us, observing the world, and trying to pinpoint places where life can be improved – and become more fun. That’s how we started: we saw how parents struggled to go out with their families. They were pushing around strollers that were not only unpractical – but ugly! We decided to change that – and we did.  Now we wish to do the same for travel, because if you walk through any airport, train or bus station you’ll see travelers struggling with their luggage. It's time for us to bring our design philosophy into the world of travel and change the way people experience travel.  We integrate design and engineering to get the right functionalities and the right aesthetics: a Bugaboo product, be it a stroller or be it one of our luggage systems, is always an invitation to explore, to go outside and walk around without feeling there are obstacles in the way.”

So there you have it: strollers and luggage systems, two product categories that at first glance seem disconnected, are in fact supported by a bigger vision – the idea of mobility.

“We believe it’s not about where you are – but where you can go.”

See for yourself how our new luggage system works in this film.

And if you want to find out more, take a look here.

The Bugaboo Boxer is available to buy online at You can also try it out for yourself at the Bugaboo Brand Stores in Amsterdam and Berlin, our pop-up shop in New York City, and in Clerkenwell London Concept Store.


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