Our approach

Below we share our six focus areas for operating
as a responsible business and contributing to a better world.

1. product design

The longer a product lasts, the lower its environmental impact. That's why we design and build our products with a long life cycle in mind. We aim to make products that are built to last so they’re ready for their next journey. And the one after that.

2. sourcing & production

We want to make sure our products are manufactured and sourced sustainably, and produced under safe, fair and humane working conditions. That's why we’re always improving our social and environmental performance in our own factory and throughout our suppliers. We continuously work to increase the transparency and traceability of our entire supply chain.

3. impact

From our own factory in Xiamen to our packaging, logistics, offices, stores and warehouses, we look for ways to minimize our environmental impact.

4. smarter business concepts

Business innovation can help extend the life cycle of our products. We are exploring innovative business models that take care of our products and consumers responsibly.

5. our people

We are as proud of our people as we are of our products. Our ambition is to provide an inspiring, open and vibrant working environment for all our employees worldwide.

6. in the community

We want to advocate for people whose freedom of movement is challenged because of the effect of disability, disease, poverty or conflict. In addition we support non-profit organizations that inspire the next generation to create inventive solutions for a sustainable world. We do this by offering donations or taking part in volunteer work.

always looking for better ways to do the things we already do

by making conscious choices

Never ceasing our efforts. And continuously improving everything we do. Simplifying, reinventing and perfecting what really matters. One example is in our latest product: the Bugaboo Fox fabrics have been produced using yarn made from recycled PET bottles.