2016-09-28 - We’re not changing direction - but we are upping our game! In 1999 when Bugaboo first broke onto the market, we revolutionized the stroller industry. Now we want to do the same for travel… And we hope you will be part of our journey!

On Tuesday 6 September, against a backdrop of Amsterdam’s skyline at the city’s new A’DAM Tower, Max Barenbrug - the co-founder of Bugaboo - surprised the gathered audience by presenting the latest Bugaboo product: the Bugaboo Boxer.

“What we’re revealing today is not a stroller. Nor is it a suitcase. It’s a luggage system!”

From strollers to travel? We’ve taken our friends, fans, customers and the press by surprise by doing something that not many companies dare to – we’re moving into a whole new category. So how has this come about and what does it mean for our strollers? We speak to Max Barenbrug at Bugaboo to find out more...

“Our strollers are loved by generations of parents all over the world. This makes us very proud, as our products help millions of people to get out and explore the world. We love our strollers as much as you do – so let’s be really clear that we will still create new strollers and related products with the aim of helping parents really enjoy those first years with their children.”

“But what people sometimes miss at first glance, is that we’re more than a stroller brand, we’re a mobility brand at heart. We’re obsessed with design – and we’re obsessed with mobility.”

So what do you do when you’ve already disrupted an entire industry? For us the answer is ‘disrupt another one’. Not just for the sake of it, but because we know that a great idea can make a difference to people’s lives. And in this case we want to help people all over the world rediscover the pleasure of travel.

“It's never only been about strollers; it has always been about helping people move freely. With the launch of our new mobility concept – the Bugaboo Boxer luggage system – we hope to transform the luggage industry the way we once changed the world of strollers.”

So what’s wrong with travel as we know it? Max explains:

“A couple of years ago I realized that I had stopped enjoying traveling. I always feel ill at ease and like I’m about to lose something. Travel is meant to be exciting and fun – it should be about a sense of freedom – but I realized I’d lost that feeling. And that’s exactly the problem I wanted to solve!"

Indeed, walk through any airport, train or bus station and you’ll see travelers struggling with their luggage. We’ve all been there - pulling heavy suitcases, getting stuck going around corners, dropping bags and struggling to keep all our belongings together at airport security… Especially painful when you add kids into that mix!

“I saw a huge opportunity to improve the reality of modern-day travel. To make it easy and pleasurable again, so you can enjoy the journey, unencumbered and relaxed.”

This is why we’ve created the Bugaboo Boxer: to bring our design philosophy into the world of travel and shake things up a bit. The Bugaboo Boxer is in every way a Bugaboo: the sum of clever design and engineering to help you rediscover the pleasure of travel.

Why is it a game-changer? Because it’s a modular system, with interlocking cases that hold all your belongings in one place; it’s full of clever details such as the versatile inner bag, the elastic strap for your coat and the click on/ click off organizer; and Bugaboo’s revolutionary light-push steering means you push instead of pull – you glide along, pushing up to 40 kilos of luggage with just two fingers! Why pull when you can push?

“We have always wanted to invent ways to help people move freely through their world. Our new Bugaboo luggage systems do just this! And it’s our next step in truly becoming a mobility brand.”

So what do you think of our new travel concept? We spoke to a few people at the launch event in Amsterdam. “I was surprised – but I think Bugaboo is totally on the ball. We all travel so much these days so this is EXACTLY what you need when you're on the go.” Says Malvin Mix, Amsterdam-based DJ and father.

“I think it’s beautiful… I’m a designer myself and a bit of a design-nerd. I really love the attention to detail and the modular system.” says Jasper van den Berg.

See for yourself how our new luggage system works in this film

Find out more.

The Bugaboo Boxer is available to buy online at from September 26th. You can also try it out for yourself at the Bugaboo Brand Stores in Amsterdam and Berlin, our pop-up shop in New York City, and in Clerkenwell London Concept Store.



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