The One who created an icon

The One who created an icon

2016-03-16 - In April we are recording an interview with Max Barenbrug, the chief designer at Bugaboo. And we want YOU to ask the questions!

What would you ask the inventor of Bugaboo strollers?

Max Barenbrug is the co-founder of Bugaboo: the man who invented the first Bugaboo stroller in 1994, while he was still a student of the Design Academy in Eindhoven. This design was his university thesis – and it’s been the prototype for every single Bugaboo stroller made ever since… 


Max graduated with honors, but unlike his contemporaries he didn’t go out and get himself a design job. Instead he sacrificed everything to work from a tiny attic space in Amsterdam, to try to turn his graduation project into a real product. Which he eventually did, with his friend and co-founder Eduard Zanen.


Max’s perseverance and belief in his idea has turned Bugaboo from a sketch into a multinational company with more than a thousand employees, whose products are sold in over 50 countries, worldwide. More than that, his idea is now used by hundreds and thousands of parents all over the world.


- And guess what? Max still works at the office every single day, working on innovative new designs to help people move freely through their world.

Wouldn’t you like to know how he did it?  This is your chance to ask him your questions!

Send in your questions, with your name and where you are from to


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