Warhol x Bugaboo

Warhol x Bugaboo

2015-02-28 - We take five minutes with Michael Hermann from The Andy Warhol Foundation to talk about the rise of the ‘Pop Art pushchair’

Tell us about Andy Warhol’s ‘Flowers’, ‘Cars’ and ‘Bananas’ prints.

‘Flowers’ and ‘Bananas’ are among the most iconic of Warhol works from the 1960’s, so not much more to say there! ‘Cars’ is from the same period and while it may be lesser known, it clearly illustrates Warhol’s fascination with all things American and all things Pop.

How were these prints chosen?
We worked closely with Bugaboo to identify images that best embodied both Warhol’s creative spirit and the sophisticated design Bugaboo is known for.

How did the collaboration come about?
We’re attracted to organisations like Bugaboo who understand Warhol’s profound influence on contemporary culture. After meeting with the team at Bugaboo we knew within five minutes that we had to work together and that we were going to have a blast doing so.

Have you spotted the collection in New York?
I often see people in the streets of NYC with Warhol x Bugaboo strollers and it always brings a smile to my face. For the past two years I pushed my own children in a Warhol x Bugaboo stroller and received countless compliments and smiles from adults and children alike.

What are your thoughts on the term 'Pop Art pushchair'?
It’s a great moniker for the collaboration. Hat’s off to whoever came up with it! What's your favourite Warhol piece? I have many favourite Warhol works, but as I sit here today on a crisp, cloudy autumn day in New York, I find myself thinking of his film ‘Empire’.

The collection in three words.
Unexpected. Bold. Fun.

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