Celebrating the Unbearable Moments of Parenting

Celebrating the Unbearable Moments of Parenting

2015-09-09 - To celebrate the launch of the new Bugaboo by Diesel Denim collection, we created a campaign that highlights the unbearable yet hilarious moments that parents face and how to best deal with them… with a smile.

We all know what can happen when you leave your child alone, even for just a moment… Like that time your six-month-old spilled apple juice all over your favorite pair of leather shoes or that time your three-year-old drew all over your new sofa with that expensive bright red lipstick. But that’s all part of the fun, right? They are the stories we remember and pass on to our children once they’re grown up. With a humorous touch, the campaign reminds us to laugh at those sometimes unbearable moments (watch the making-of video here).

Inspired by the campaign, we asked a few Bugaboo parents to share an ‘unbearable moments’ that made them laugh.

“I was going to a wedding and had picked out a beautiful emerald green dress. Before going to the wedding, I had to get my hair done and drop my daughter off at my parents’ house. I was so worried that I was going to get my dress dirty that I waited until the very last minute to put it on… Yep, that moment was a few minutes before the wedding started, in the car in the parking lot!” – Ellen Hommes, Global Brand & Communications

“A week after my wife and I had installed a brand new parquet floor in the bedroom of my son (three years old), he took a bunch of pens and drew all over it. I was furious until I saw the word written in the middle: ‘papa’. I didn’t even know he could write!” – Mathieu Touchet, Country Manager France

“I was busy getting ready for a night out when my daughter wrestled her way into my shoe cupboard and decided to try on my kinky black Sergio Rossi stilettos. I was about to get a bit cross, but in fact it was hilarious to see her parading around in my high heels!” – Jessica Hartley, Global Brand & Communications

“This one time, I discovered that we all had head lice, myself included. I had just gone and washed everyone’s hair with a special shampoo when the doorbell rang. We froze. With shampoo and all, I went to go open it. Turned out it was my incredibly cool, fashionable neighbor – I had completely forgotten we had planned to have tea!” – Irene Muller, Global Brand Director

“While I was in the kitchen making dinner, my daughter Elise (two years old) decided that she wanted to extend her creativity from a piece of paper to our freshly-painted wall in the living room, with a black non-erasable marker. I have a video of her sulking afterwards, ‘I’m so sorry!’” – Aranka Mulder, Global Brand & Communications

“We had just moved into our new apartment and didn’t have enough time to child proof the place. Ben (three years old) was playing with my headphones while I was cooking dinner. All of a sudden I heard a bang, followed by loud screams of Ben crying – he had tried to put the headphone wire into the power outlet. Luckily it wasn’t serious, just a small burn on his hand. We ended up spending the night at the hospital, watching and eating sweets.” – Christian Thalmann, Account Manager Germany

Share your unbearable moment with us! Post a photo of your ‘unbearable moment’ on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #bugaboodiesel #fashionableparenting. We will select a few and share them in a post on the Bugaboo Journal.

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