I love my Donkey part 2

Museumplein in Amsterdam

I love my Donkey part 2

2015-10-05 - We’re celebrating the 100,000th Bugaboo Donkey sold this month with a series of portraits highlighting the convertible stroller’s best features. Part two focuses on the Bugaboo Donkey twin, and maneuvering two kids through busy Amsterdam on a journey to Museumplein, home of the city’s three world-famous museums.

Going for a long walk away from your own neighborhood, and hopping on and off busy trams, could seem like quite the hassle for any parent, but not for Eveline Polderman (34), marketing manager and mother to one-year old twins Tygo and Stef. Her Bugaboo Donkey is a lifesaver when it comes to the twins , she explains: “I usually plan some activities on my day off work: hanging out with friends, or visiting the market for some shopping, going for longs walks. And the twins come with me everywhere.” Today’s outing takes the family out to Museumplein, a green oasis in the middle of the city surrounded by the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum.  

Amongst the crowds of tourists and the unusually nice weather for the time of year, the boys seem intrigued by the hustle and bustle of the park. While an Ajax football club supporter practices his soccer skills on the grass, a group of teenagers sits down for a picnic overlooking the Museumplein, and tourists take turns with their selfie-sticks and the reflective façade of the sculpture outside the Stedelijk Museum. We decide to forgo the museum and stay outdoors to enjoy the sun. Stef, with his blonde hair and blue eyes, and Tygo, who has brown hair and eyes, don’t immediately strike as being twins. Eveline gives them some bread sticks as a snack and explains: “Now that they are one, their individual characters are really starting to shine through; Stef is absolutely the mouthier of the two!”  

We walk through the grass and past the Ravenbrück war memorial towards the Rijksmuseum. As we pass the playground where some children are playing on the swings and head for the stately gardens surrounding the museum, Eveline says: “Of course we were pretty nervous when we found out I was having twins. It’s more expensive, can be a bigger risk for mum and kids, and we were living in a tiny apartment. When we realized that we would be having not one but two healthy children we walked out of the doctor’s office with a huge smile!”
As we pop the boys on the ground for a short picnic among the flowers, Eveline seems surprised: “I had no idea you could use the seats without the stroller!” While Tygo and Stef enjoy their bread sticks, Eveline continues: “Having twins is definitely more work at this age than having one baby! You have to do everything twice for a start.” 
Eveline: “Getting them ready can be a bit of a nightmare; you’ll get one dressed, then the other, then one will have taken off his socks, then the other, and so on! I can also honestly say that getting enough sleep is rare; they tend not to wake up or go back to sleep at exactly the same time. We recently went on holiday with friends who have a kid of a similar age and at the end of the week they had gotten a nice tan while we didn’t really get much time to relax at all! But at the end of the day it’s all worth it, I wouldn’t want it any other way! ”
We continue to circle around the square and hop on a tram towards the lively shopping area called the Bilderdijkstraat. After a little window shopping Eveline is keen to show us how easily her stroller fits through most doorways as she prepares to take a tram back home – the boys are due for a nap. “I really appreciate the functionalities and clean lines of the design, and yes, the Donkey will fit through most doorways! The stroller is not actually as wide as you may think, and I love the fact that the twins can see the same, as well as each other while riding around.”
Eveline: “Arjen and I will sometimes take the car out of town, but when I’m on my own I tend to take public transport – which is the tram in Amsterdam – and the Donkey is light enough for me to lift in and out on my own. The small turning circle makes life on the tram a lot easier!”