Wit & Delight品牌、博客和育儿

Wit & Delight品牌、博客和育儿

2016-11-24 - 这一次,我们采访了设计师、博主兼新晋妈咪凯特•阿伦兹•彼得斯,她与我们分享了在初为人母的同时经营个人生活时尚品牌的经历,还有她为什么说Bugaboo Donkey Weekender是最适合这个家庭的儿童推车。

Kate, husband Joe and son August Joseph live in the charming city of St. Paul in Minnesota with their white Labrador retriever Winne Bear. From their recently renovated home, Kate runs her lifestyle brand Wit & Delight.

Tell us more about Wit & Delight? The name Wit & Delight was derived from the two attributes I look for in not only the things I love, but the people I spend time with. I thought the combination of beauty and humor made a good platform for a lifestyle blog and here we are today. In addition to designing products, we talk about décor, entertaining, fashion, and wellness on www.witanddelight.com. We believe there is no right way to style your life; it’s really about finding way to design a life that is fulfilling, engaging, and enjoyable for you and your family.

How do you see the relationship between your blog and becoming a parent? The blog will certainly include aspects of parenting. I’m particularly interested in examining how we make room for our children vs. turning our lives upside down once they arrive. I’m only 10 weeks in, but I think August is happiest when he’s flowing with the rhythm of our lives. I hope we can make W&D a safe place for women to talk about being more than just a mother. So often women are given one polarizing label and the reality is that all of us (men included!) are so much more complex.


What is your experience of becoming a parent for the first time? It was surreal. We weren’t sure we were ready to be parents and upon discovering the news, it took some time to get use to the idea. I was surprised how natural it felt once August arrived. All the worrying was for nothing; we can’t imagine life without him.

Can you share the story of your first stroll? We took our Donkey Weekender out in the North Loop, a neighborhood in Minneapolis known for its historic warehouses, award-winning restaurants, and boutiques. We love that the Donkey is big enough to hold all the accompaniments baby needs when we’re away from home for more than an hour.


Why is the Bugaboo Donkey Weekender the right stroller for you? It’s beautiful and functional! We wanted to find baby gear that had a great aesthetic but also worked hard for our family. We love that the Weekender fits right into our lifestyle. It quite honestly fits in with the décor of our home. We don’t mind if it sits in the foyer for an afternoon. When people stop us to ask about the stroller, I often joke that it looks like it came out of my husband’s closet. Turns out we both love chambray and cognac leather!


We also absolutely love the side luggage bag. It’s got pockets in all the right places and looks great on its own. We love that it’s an accessory that looks and feels like the rest of the bags hanging in our closet.

Thanks Kate for sharing your story. The Bugaboo Donkey Weekender is available from October 2016 for a limited time. Shop special editions now.



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Wit & Delight品牌、博客和育儿

11月 24, 2016 - 设计

这一次,我们采访了设计师、博主兼新晋妈咪凯特•阿伦兹•彼得斯,她与我们分享了在初为人母的同时经营个人生活时尚品牌的经历,还有她为什么说Bugaboo Donkey Weekender是最适合这个家庭的儿童推车。



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