Bugaboo Runner at Kids Design Week

Bugaboo Runner at Kids Design Week

2015-04-17 - Bugaboo participates in first edition of Kids Design Week during Milan Design Week.

It’s the most popular date on the design calendar; during the Salone del Mobile 2015, some 80.000 designers, journalists and general lovers of design flock to Milan for one week each April to see the best new designs, visit the hottest venues and discover the most beautiful new products. 2015 sees the addition of a brand-new design week, and it’s just for kids. 

“There is a huge gap regarding kids design at Milan Design Week,” says Valentina Ciuffi of Actant Visuelle, one of the three organising parties of Kids Design Week. “By hosting workshops, an exhibition of kids design and the Bugaboo Runner event we want to show the public that kids design is something to take seriously.” 

The inaugural edition of Kids Design Week is a joint collaboration by three established Milanese parties: Actant Visuelle and Uovokids – two parties that connect children, creativity and design through workshops and festivals – and the  National Museum of Science and Technology, the venue for the event. The museum’s permanent collection is an overview of technical-scientific and artistic objects starting with designs by Leonardo da Vinci, and including objects from Italian science history from the 1930s onwards, as well as a large and impressive collection of transportation history. Actual steam trains, classic ships and a full-size submarine dominate the large halls of the museum and provide a wonderful backdrop for the Kids Design Week. 

The museum is always popular with school children and the site is constantly a buzz with groups of young kids, teenagers and even a few adults. 

“This location was made popular by British designer Tom Dixon in recent years during the design week, as he hosted spectacular exhibitions of his work, inviting other designers and creating a real experience. This year, however, the museum wanted to host an event that was closer to their core business, inspiring and educating children,” explains Valentina. “We made a strict selection of designers and chose the projects that are not necessarily the most obvious.”

Surrounded by all manner of mobility concepts, Kids Design Week, and the museum in particular is the perfect place to show and demonstrate Bugaboo’s latest design innovation: the Bugaboo Runner. Bugaboo’s installation includes an actual racetrack where the new Bugaboo Runner can be road tested. Children, parents, teachers, and other museum visitors can participate in races throughout the day, testing the smooth ride of the Bugaboo Runner and cheered on by an enthusiastic Bugaboo team.

The racetrack – marked out in a bio-degradable paint – lays alongside an enormous submarine in the museum’s courtyard, and visitors are invited to race one another throughout the day. Inside the museum’s prestigious steam train exhibit, all five strollers are displayed.

In the Sala Biancamano, a kind of rotunda inside the museum, the designers connected to the German AFILII – a design company for children’s furniture – present their latest in inspirational, creative and sustainable design fit for kids. Here we found a modern take on wooden toy cars, a time capsule for first memories, inflatable furniture even. 

Much like other parts of the Milan Design Week, a host of exhibitors showing their products aimed at children (and their parents) can be found in the museum’s basement area, alongside a play area, and workshops hosted throughout the weekend by Uovo kids.

“We host workshops for children in which we link them to creatives, artists and designers,” says Umberto Angelini of Uovo Kids. “Normally, artists don’t really work with children but here they get that chance.” 

Kids Design Week runs until Sunday 19 April, 2015 at the Museum of Science and Technology, Milan


Last three images by Giulio Boem - fine art photography

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