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bugaboo runner


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Designed with active parents in mind, the bugaboo runner offers an easy, click & go jogging extension for bugaboo owners. Simply take the seat off your bugaboo stroller and click it onto the bugaboo runner chassis and you’re off. The large underseat basket will hold your essentials and all your favorite accessories will fit right in too. In characteristic Bugaboo fashion, you can choose to have the seat facing you, or facing the world. What are you waiting for? Run free!

what you get

The bugaboo runner comes as an accessory for the bugaboo cameleon³, bugaboo bee (as of model 2010), bugaboo donkey and bugaboo buffalo.

(1) aluminium bugaboo runner chassis with wheels (2) underseat basket (3) air pump (4) bugaboo adapters*
*adapters purchased separately

how it works

connect your bugaboo seat

how it works

tracking adjustment

how it works

speed control brake

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height-adjustable handlebar

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foot brake

how it works

easy fold and unfolding

suitability and recommended use of bugaboo seats

The bugaboo runner is a separate chassis designed purely for running and is suitable for:

 (1) bugaboo cameleon³ seat - all
 (2) bugaboo bee (2010 model and onwards) seat - all
 (3) bugaboo donkey seat - version 1.1*
 (4) bugaboo buffalo seat - all

Before use, please always ensure your harness is fully functional, your seat fabric is not torn and seat frame has no broken parts before you go running.

Due to continuous improvements in our products and (varying) regional safety regulations, bugaboo recommends use of the latest stroller seat in combination with the bugaboo runner extension. Due to varying safety regulations resulting in different product designs per region, the recommendation can vary per region.

 Never use the bugaboo runner with a pram body or infant car seat

 *version 1.1 can be recognized by the wooden seat board