Who run the world? Dads

Dads with Bugaboo Runner

Who run the world? Dads

2017-06-14 - Embracing your Dad bod? Sick of standing around in the playground checking your smartphone? Try switching it up and take your son or daughter out for a run. Trust us - your little one will love it too. Take it from these dads:

The Italian Mattia Modonutti (@rock_and_run) shows us how it’s done with his family in Qatar. His eighteen-month-old daughter Maia loves the ride and sometimes waves at Mom from the Runner when she and Dad go out together. The Bugaboo Runner has an adjustable handlebar outfitted with a speed brake, and the chassis folds up compactly for travel.

Lars Juul Madsen (@larsjuulmadsen) puts in a lot of time and distance in the Bugaboo Runner. Lars and his daughter Alberte, hailing from Denmark, trained for the Copenhagen Marathon and ran it with the Bugaboo Runner. In the photo below Alberte is watching the two running buddies make funny faces while Dad puts in a fast 10 km.

What looked like it was going to be a rainstorm ended up being a rosy sunrise for father Lars (@larszachariassen) in Norway. Time to stow away the rain cover – now that calls for a selfie! Lars is training for a triathlon - and with three boys under the age of 4, putting in time outside doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality time with the kids. 

Even if you’re not planning on running a marathon, getting outside, getting your heart pumping and working up a light sweat can give you that boost of energy you might be missing. Simon Issacs, creator of dad site Fatherly.com, tells us how going for a run helps to bring back the feeling of freedom he had pre-baby. But now he wouldn’t change it for the world – especially as his little girl Kaia loves to go out with dad (and sometimes the dog!) for a morning run. Here he’s got the Bugaboo Buffalo by Diesel Denim on the Runner chassis. Did you know every Bugaboo stroller could be a Runner with the right adapters?


Father and twenty-three-time windsurfing champion Antoine L’Beau (@antoinealbeau) gives us a taste of the French coastline between Nantes and Bordeaux at sunset. The chassis can easily take on the wet sand at the beach. Nous aimons! 

The air-filled tires and shock-absorbent suspension can power over any uneven terrain, bumps or potholes you may encounter on the way. You can switch up the seat direction in thirty seconds or less: the reversible seat system on Bugaboo Runner means you can watch the baby while you’re running, or have him face forward to watch the world around him.  Here British Olympic champion long jumper Greg Rutherford takes his son Milo out for a spin with writer-blogger-mum Susie Verrill (@susiejverrill). In order to turn the Runner, you need to lift up the front wheel, which we’re told leads their son to giggle with delight and excitement. What’s not to love? 

Don’t wait for 2018 New Year’s resolutions, Dads. Get out there and explore the world. The Bugaboo Runner was designed with you in mind. Who run the world? Dads! #BugabooRunner Do you want to get updated about tips and tricks for using the Bugaboo Runner, or be informed about future #RunFree events in your area? Subscribe to the Bugaboo newsletter