Welcome to Bugaboo's Press room. On this page you'll find our latest press releases. To receive more information about our company or products see media contact details below.

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Media contact

Media contact

The contacts below are for media inquiries only. For customer service inquiries, please contact our customer service team or visit our product pages to learn more about our products.

Netherlands – bugaboo@spice.nl

Russia – bugaboo@louder.ru

Australia/NZ - bugaboo@porternovelli.com.au

France - bugaboo@porternovelli.fr

Germany - bugaboo@boldberlin.com

Italy - bugaboo@negrifirman.com

Japan - bugaboo@celori.com

Korea - bugaboo@the-layer.com

Spain - Veronica.GrosVidal@bugaboo.com

Sweden - bugaboo@modinakerlind.com

UK - bugaboo@dundascommunications.com

USA - bugaboo@industrypublicity.com