BUGABOO MODERN FAMILIES: The One right from the start

Filippo Bassoli

BUGABOO MODERN FAMILIES: The One right from the start

2016-09-08 - We speak to Filippo Bassoli, whose pioneering style and rebellious way of life has made him a well-known personality in Milan. “We were probably the first people with a Bugaboo stroller in Italy.”

The One right from the start

Filippo Bassoli is born and bred in Milan and you could say he’s a bit of rock star dad. He’s the CEO of Deus ex Machina Italy and founding partner of the Milan branch, a veritable emporium of cool that brings bikes, motorbikes, surf and apparel together. But more than just a store, it’s a place where you can customize your surfboard or your bike. And then relax in the bar, barber shop and auditorium. Performance, style and a certain ruggedness are central to Filippo’s way of life.  

He also happens to be one of the very first Bugaboo stroller owners in Italy, first being spotted out on the street with his daughter Viola in their Bugaboo stroller in 2002, and since then with his son Vittorio who is now nine years old.

We talk to him about his family life - and what made him go for a Bugaboo stroller so many years ago

First of all, what made you choose a Bugaboo stroller?

It all started in 2002 when we realized that our lives were about to change quite drastically with the imminent arrival of our daughter Viola. However, we were determined to hold onto our sense of freedom! So I started to look for a stroller that was more than just a utility product. Something that was more like an extension of us – and of our lifestyle. 

We are really into design… Come on – we’re Italian...  And we’re very sporty and love exploring the great outdoors. So we wanted something that looked stylish yet was robust enough to use in the mountains and take to the beach. After lots of research we found Bugaboo. And we bought a Bugaboo Frog – which at the time wasn’t even distributed in Italy yet. So yes I guess we were pioneers in that sense.  
We quickly realized it was perfect for us - that stroller has quite literally traveled the world with us since then.

What do you like best about Bugaboo?

What I like about Bugaboo is the design and the use of tough materials like aluminum.  This really speaks to me; because of my work I am involved in design on a daily basis and I spend much of my days working with different types of materials. I do appreciate the attention to detail that goes into a Bugaboo stroller. And the fact that we’ve been able to go anywhere and everywhere with it has made it a perfect companion for our super active family.

How do you define your family? 

It’s hard to define yourself… but I definitely consider our family as quite contemporary: we’re not scared to do things a little differently. For example, right from the start we’ve traveled a lot. Not everyone is comfortable going abroad with very young children – but we’ve been all over Europe, the US and Asia - even when our kids where still babies. 

It sounds like you like adventures. Talk us through one?

Well, we’re lucky enough to have a little house up in the mountains in Verbier. I love the wilderness up there. 
One day I had an urge to go trekking high in the mountains – the kind of expedition that most people would never normally undertake with young children. But I was adamant to take my daughter Viola, as I wanted her to experience it with me. So I put her in the Bugaboo and we did it together. This was a serious trek –going up over a difference in altitude of almost 2000 meters… So I put the stroller into its 2-wheel configuration and pulled her up for most of the journey. It was a real adventure!  The first of many. And to this day Viola still loves the mountains and sports like I do.

Do you still have your Bugaboo stroller?

Of course – it’s part of the family. After Viola, we used it for our son Vittorio - and today my cousins and their young children are using it. It now lives in their house up in the mountains. The fabrics are somewhat faded and the tires are worn… But to me it’s even more fascinating today.