The One that's worth every penny

A parent with a Bugaboo stroller

The One that's worth every penny

2018-10-25 - “When you start a family, getting the stroller that’s right for you will have a genuine impact on your life for those first years.” says Max Barenbrug, co-founder of Bugaboo. For more than 15 years, Bugaboo has inspired hundreds of thousands of parents to go out and explore the world by creating strollers to suit every lifestyle.

Why parents all over the world trust Bugaboo 

Choosing the right stroller is clearly a big decision, and one that you want to get right. So, why do so many people decide to buy Bugaboo? Our customers are always telling us it’s down to three factors: value for moneyquality and performance

An investment that lasts
Value for money is one of the key reasons that people choose Bugaboo. We may not be the cheapest on the market, but a Bugaboo stroller is an investment that lasts. Instead of having different strollers for your child’s different ages, with Bugaboo you only need one. The Bugaboo Cameleon³, for example, can be configured in different ways, so the same stroller works from baby through to toddler. And with three different wheel positions, you can go all-terrain, exploring the city, off-road, even the beach or through snow. 

Our customers also love the way that our strollers keep their retail value - you only have to type Bugaboo into a second hand site such as e-Bay to see that Bugaboo strollers enjoy a second life, sometimes a third life and even beyond. There are Bugaboo strollers out there, with mud on their wheels and stories to tell, that were sold over 15 years ago!
Another thing that makes us really proud is that almost all of our strollers end up being used by more than one child. We’re always hearing how they are shared with family members or between friends, which just goes to show they are truly built to last. 

Enjoy those first years together
Quality is another reason that so many people chose Bugaboo. Parents are looking for a durable stroller that’s intelligently designed, solidly made, and above all safe to use.
We want our products to be used every day, yet last for generations - so we invest in high quality materials and exhaustive product testing. We are also constantly improving our designs; in the past four years, we’ve introduced more than 1,400 product and process improvements. We’re constantly working at making the best even better.

Test, test and test again
To ensure quality we make sure we’re in charge of the entire development and production process - from the first sketch to the final stroller. Our testing facilities go far beyond global standards, which is one of the reasons that so many parents trust their Bugaboo strollers to literally go the extra mile. 

Just for starters, we pick strollers at random from our production line and submit them to the Irregular Surface Test, in which they have to pass over a track with 480,000 bumps.  Another example is the Curb Mount Test, where we simulate going up a street curb 10,000 times – with a full load in the stroller.
Additionally our fabrics go through endless machine-wash cycles and have to pass abrasion tests to ensure that they still look the same after heavy use. As long as you wash at 30℃, your stroller fabrics will always look brand new.

It's all about performance
We always hear how parents are delighted by extra functionalities and details that they never noticed until they actually needed them. And, crucially, all of our strollers drive like a dream. You can really tell the difference when you take one out for a spin! With excellent shock absorption, one-hand steering, and a seamless 360° turn in even the tightest of spaces, you can do anything and go anywhere.

Of course, with such a smooth ride, children sleep easily and comfortably in their Bugaboo strollers, which – ask any parent - is a very good thing indeed…

“Hi - I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my Bugaboo.  We spent ages choosing which stroller we would like to buy, and my husband (an engineer) was very keen on the bugaboo for its design qualities and engineering.  I'm constantly being impressed as I use it - it really has been designed with ease of use in mind.  I borrowed a friend's non-Bugaboo stroller for a few days and was very glad to get back to my Bugaboo Cameleon 3 - it's so much easier and nicer to use - I would not be without it!”
Katie Gilchrist, UK