nothing like a bugaboo®

Bugaboo prams are always easy to use in any situation, and engineered to give you and your child the smoothest ride on any surface. And their adaptable design plus optional accessories mean you'll be ready for anything, no matter what comes your way.

the smoothest ride

no matter the surface

Wheels make our world go around. More than just getting you from A to B, they provide the basis of our pram's famously smooth, stable ride. We're continuously improving the performance of our wheels and suspension to give you super easy, one-hand steering and your child a perfectly comfortable ride.

lightweight and easy

fold it, carry it, take it anywhere

Your pram has to do a lot more than just roll. You have to fold and unfold it, lift and carry it, put it into and take it out of the car, and store it at home. Twenty years of design and engineering expertise make Bugaboo prams the lightest, most compact, easiest to store, and simplest to use, whatever your lifestyle.

ready for anything

whatever comes your way

At Bugaboo, innovation doesn't stop with our prams. Our pram accessories are designed to deliver the ultimate in comfort, convenience and protection. You’ll be ready to handle any situation with total confidence, so you and your child can relax and make the most of your day together.