Unfortunately the Bugaboo Boxer luggage system will only be available online in Europe, the USA and Japan from November 2018. We would like to emphasise that the warranty policyremains the same for owners of the Bugaboo Boxer, as well as the availability of Bugaboo Boxer spare parts. In case you have any questions in regards to the Bugaboo Boxer you can contact support.

Bugaboo Boxer.

The revolutionary luggage system.

Bugaboo Boxer Travel Bag Maxi and Cabin Bag Maxi

Easy to pack, easy to push. Exclusively available in our Brandstores!

The luggage system, unpacked.

The cases, components, and add-ons that make up the Bugaboo Boxer luggage system.

Bugaboo by Jannissima.

The stylish travel bag collection.