Bugaboo + Van Gogh: The collaboration

Bugaboo + Van Gogh: The collaboration

2015-04-01 - The Bugaboo + Van Gogh collection is now available, high time to take a closer look at what drove these two Dutch originals to collaborate.

When Bugaboo and the Van Gogh Museum decided to collaborate on a stroller it quickly became apparent that the 'Almond Blossom' painting (1890), which represents new life and new beginnings, was the perfect fit for the Bugaboo Bee3: the urban stroller for parents who live life on the fly. The bold, dramatic brush strokes and colors that give van Gogh’s work a sense of movement are a perfect fit for Bugaboo.


Vincent van Gogh’s great craftsmanship and attention to detail have inspired Bugaboo’s mission to create unique and enduring strollers that let you and your child explore the world in style, comfort and ease. The Bugaboo + Van Gogh collection, like the artist’s work, encourages you to discover the world around you, viewing it from new and different perspectives.


Ask any art lover which artist pioneered a new style of painting and changed the face of art history forever and chances are they will answer: Vincent van Gogh. A Dutch painter born in the 19th century, Van Gogh was a game changer from the get go. His unconventional approach to painting may not have earned him fame during his own life, but thanks to Jo Bonger, the widow of his brother Theo who died soon after Vincent, Van Gogh is now a household name recognized for his pure talent. Vincent dared to dream, to play with perspective, color and human features in a way that his subjects appeared almost cartoonlike.

“To be inventive means choosing a new and unexpected route. Even if people do not get it (yet), you have to stay true to your concept.” - Max Barenbrug

 This quote by Max Barenbrug, Founder and Chief Design Officer of Bugaboo, shows how much contemporary designers are still inspired by Vincent van Gogh to this day.   

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