Interview Andrea Rosso

Interview Andrea Rosso

2015-02-25 - On the occasion of the launch of the Bugaboo by Diesel Collection in New York city, Bugaboo spoke to the creative direction of Diesel: Andrea Rosso.

When the Bugaboo by Diesel collection recently launched in New York, Bugaboo took the opportunity to speak with Andrea Rosso, Creative Director of Diesel. We wanted to find out how the collaboration between the two seemingly very different brand came about and find out the idea behind the #BeBrave campaign.

How were you initially approached by Bugaboo for a collaboration, and what were your first thoughts?
It was actually my father, Renzo Rosso, who met Bugaboo for the first time on occasion of their partnership with Viktor & Rolf. I, myself, was a little skeptical at first, how do you translate the Diesel DNA into a stroller? But working with such a great team has been has brought many surprises and many of my expectations have been surpassed.

We’re partnering up for a three-year collaboration, how did that come about? Why three different collections
Our DNA is made up of so many different aspects that we felt just one model wouldn’t have been enough to represent us. Also, we wanted to give our fans the possibility to choose.

How have you experienced the collaboration between Diesel and Bugaboo so far 

It has been incredibly positive. Everybody in the team is hugely creative and it has been a challenge to find as many ways possible to infuse such a great product with all our energy and the details we love. We had long talks about fabrics, treatments, colours and so many other things. I think you can see that reflected in the final result!

What was your main source of inspiration for this collaboration and more importantly, how did it translate to a collection of pushchairs and accessories
We started from the DNA of our lifestyle: what would a Diesel consumer like, and what would they expect from us in a stroller? We think that they would like to find an alternative to the usual pink or baby-blue ones. We looked towards our main source of inspiration and started from there; the camouflage/military influences form an important element in our collections.


 The Bugaboo by Diesel collection(s) are daring, irreverent, and extremely sophisticated in every single detail.


Could you tell us something about the campaign image/idea for the first collection and the idea behind #BeBrave
Being brave means facing the unexpected with a smile, breaking the rules and going straight into our future. In a way, these are the things that the parents do every day!

Did you ever have, or maybe even cause your parents, a #BeBrave moment? 
Smiling: So many that I couldn’t possibly list them all. But I can remember one time I slept on the floor of a store the night before the opening, because I wanted to finish all the final touches before leaving, or simply my crazy snowboarding experiences. I like sports: from surfing the big waves in Australia to running marathons. *we’re guessing Andrea will be a big fan of the Bugaboo Runner one day!

Which core values do you think our brands share
Creativity, rebelliousness, and a passion we both put in all our products.

Aside from Bugaboo (of course), which have been your favorite past collaborations and why
I really enjoyed the results of our collaboration with Ducati – a Monster motorbike which is really fantastic – and Pinarello – a great bike, called Only The Brave. Two different ways to move around, you would think they don't have much to do with a stroller, but in reality they have a lot of details in common with the Bugaboo by Diesel.

Who is your ultimate style icon, who would you like to see strutting the streets of Milan/Paris/London with the new Bugaboo by Diesel pushchair
I would like to see Jun Takahashi (owner of fashion label UNDERCOVER red.).


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