Bugaboo Bee in the City: Tokyo

Nyoro Yoshida, aka DJ 246

Bugaboo Bee in the City: Tokyo

2016-02-02 - We’re catching up with the stars of our ‘Bee in the City’ video series to see whether the Bugaboo Bee is holding up to its promise of ultimate urban stroller. First up is Nyoro Yoshida, aka DJ 246 from Tokyo, Japan.

Living in (one of) the world’s most densely populated cities where navigating in and out of public transport is a daily occurrence, you bet you’ll want a stroller that’s built for urban life. For Nyoro Yoshida, or DJ 246 as she’s more commonly known, choosing the Bugaboo Bee was a no-brainer. 

Between her weekly radio show, DJ’ing in clubs and being a mum of three, a stroller for this busy entrepreneur had to feature great design, stability and a compact fold. “The Bugaboo Bee is really suitable for public transport in Tokyo; I use the bus, taxi, and trains all the time and spaces are pretty small and tight here."

"This stroller really reduces the stress of taking a baby around and it has a cool and cute design too!”

Rinko is already practicing her DJ skills (left) and two more happy customers (right). 

Aside from exposing her kids to different music styles through family-friendly parties, Nyoro also wants to teach her daughters the more traditional side of Japanese culture in the form Sado, the Japanese tea ceremony. “I studied Sado until high school and want to start teaching my girls soon. It effects many things in day-to-day life such as the feeling or gratitude and respect, the changing of the seasons, how to walk on tatami (Japanese floor mat), etc.” 

The changing of the seasons and Nyoro's kids wearing traditional Japanese dress. 

Nyoro’s own kids, Rinko (4), Rigo (7), and Riku (8), have now outgrown the stroller, but luckily it won’t be out of sight: “I was using the Bugaboo Bee until last year and now that I have a new-born nephew, my sister-in-law is using it.”

Any tips for other urban parents looking for a stroller?

Nyoro: “Look for a stroller with stable wheels that is easy to push with one hand, such as the Bugaboo Bee.”

~ Arigato Nyoro!

Nyoro’s Bugaboo Bee in the video features an off-white sun canopy and Bugaboo Cup Holder.