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20 years ago, we designed the world's first modular stroller so you and your youngest travelers could explore the world with absolute ease.


Iconic, innovative and loaded with functionality, all our strollers ensure a smooth and smart ride. Built to last, they can be endlessly upgraded to suit your mood, style or journey. Life truly is a great adventure…
Smooth Ride
Why walk when you can float?

smooth ride

We design all our wheels specifically to suit the journeys they will make. This ensures that you and your child will experience the smoothest ride possible as you glide up and down pavements and along bumpy roads.

While excellent shock absorption, one-hand steering and a seamless 360º turn in the tightest of spaces just make life so much easier. Why walk when you can float?

smart design

This is where the magic happens. Where form and function do a perfect tango. Because from concept to completion, we never settle for anything less. No matter how long it takes. And no matter how many times we have to go back to the drawing board. That's why we design and make every single part ourselves – from the nuts and the bolts to the finishing details. We do this so you and your family can keep on the move, enjoying easy-to-use intuitive functionalities. Why not let our strollers do the work – and thinking – for you?
Smart Design
Let our strollers do the work – and thinking – for you.
Extraordinary Value
For what you value most…

extraordinary value

Generation after generation can explore the world from one single Bugaboo stroller. Because we build our strollers to last for years, but design them for day-to-day use. It's the reason we only use durable materials and quality fabrics – and why we created an extensive range of complementary accessories.

It's also the reason we made it easy for you to convert your stroller for different ages or different journeys. That's why we believe our strollers offer extraordinary value... for what you value most.

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