bugaboo store

The store, located near the Leidsestraat, is a home to all bugaboo strollers, special editions and accessories. Step into the world of Bugaboo, where you can test and experience the latest products and innovations. The Bugaboo store will help parents to make a perfect choice. Quoting Max Barenbrug and Eduard Zanen, founders of Bugaboo: ‘It's truly a place where Bugaboo can welcome its friends and customers and where service and product experience are leading'.

Keizersgracht 500
1017 EH Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)20 71 89 555

opening hours

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
12-18 10-18 10-18 10-21 10-18 10-18 12-17

missing product / wrong product

After delivery please check your parcel immediately. If you miss a product please contact Bugaboo Customer Service within 48 hours. All Bugaboo parcels are checked for weight irregularities. Certain items will only be replaced as missing at our sole discretion.


bugaboo warranty

Bugaboo, as the manufacturer, guarantees consumers that the company's products are free of material and manufacturing defects and warrants the trouble-free operation of the products in accordance with their manuals and technical specifications under conditions of normal use for a period of two years from the date of purchase.

The warranty provisions shall not affect the consumer‘s legal warranty rights in the event of any defect in the product at the time of sale. The manufacturer's warranty shall not affect the consumer's legal rights, regardless of whether any warranty claim has been filed and regardless of whether or not a warranty claim is filed.

The serial number stickers on the products shall not be removed from the products under any circumstances. Removing the sticker from any of the products shall render the warranty invalid.

In case of any warranty related issue please contact our Bugaboo Service Center.

refund process

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your product(s) within 90 days after the original purchase date and get a full refund. This will be refunded in cash or transferred to your bank account. Please keep in mind the product must not be used, must be returned in the state you received them and be returned in the original packaging. Don't forget to bring your receipt.

All products that you want to return can be brought back to the Bugaboo Store.

If the products where delivered to a specified address, you can go through our easy return process by using the return label which is included in the box you received. On the return label you can specify which products you want to return. Please contact our Customer Service Center as they will create a return number for you to fill in on the return form on the box. This will speed up the returns process. The product that you want to return can be dropped off at a post office, with the exception of strollers which will be picked up by a carrier.

how and when do I get my refund?

The money will be refunded via cash or transferred to your bank account. When contacting the Customer Service Center, they will ask you on which bank account the money should be transferred. You can expect the money to be refunded within 30 days after Bugaboo has received the returned product.

customer service center

Our customer service team is available on working days from 9am – 5pm, CET. We can be contacted by phone or e-mail. Our contact details per country are:

Netherlands:    +31 20 718 9531    support.nl@bugaboo.com
Belgium (Dutch):   +32 34 00 3268   support.nl@bugaboo.com
Belgium (French):   +33 17 670 4171   support.eu@bugaboo.com
United Kingdom:   +44 207 385 5338   support.uk@bugaboo.com
Germany, Austria:   +49 69 2222 1140   support.eu@bugaboo.com
France:   +33 17 670 4171   support.eu@bugaboo.com
Italy:   +31 20 718 9531   support.eu@bugaboo.com