Manufacturer's Limited Warranty


Bugaboo (as manufacturer) warrants consumers that the product shall be free from material and manufacturing defects and warrants a normal functioning under normal conditions, according user manuals and technical specifications for a period of 2 years after the original date of purchase. All warranty claims must be submitted with a proof of purchase.

Bugaboo offers a complimentary extra year warranty on all strollers and the Bugaboo Donkey Duo extension set. Click here to learn more.

The manufacturer's warranty applies only in the region (USA and Canada or Europe or Russia or Australia or New Zealand or Asia) in which the product was purchased.

The warranty may consist of:

• Repair sets that can be easily used by the consumer or the retailer

• Replacement parts


Bugaboo will only provide parts and service sets that have been thoroughly tested and can easily be assembled with or without instructions.

Bugaboo will only replace like for like. Nevertheless, Bugaboo reserves the right to discontinue a model, colour, fabric or accessory, and therefore will replace the consumer, during the warranty period with an equivalent product, colour or fabric.

Any replacement will not give the right for the warranty period to be extended.

Bugaboo does not cover under warranty any defects if the Bugaboo product has been purchased second hand or from an unauthorized reseller.

What is not covered by Warranty?

• Normal wear and tear

• Corrosion or rust on the wheels and chassis due to extreme environmental conditions, including high humidity, salt spray, ice or snow or due to insufficient maintenance

• Incorrect assembly or the installation of a third party part or accessory not compatible with the original design

• Accidental or intentional damage, abuse or neglect

• Improper storage/care of the product

• Damage to handle bar grips or fabrics as a result of normal handling and daily use

• Tire punctures

• If purchased second hand or from an unauthorized reseller

• When the product has not been used for normal use and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions

• If a repair or modification has been carried out by an unauthorized party or if the product has been dismantled with no authorization from Bugaboo

• Airline/Transport damage: check carefully your Bugaboo product after it has been handled by the airline (or other transporters) and submit the claim directly to them.

• Consumer dissatisfaction with the product in terms of disliking the fit, weight, functionality, colour or style

• If the serial number has been damaged or removed.

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