Prevent shimmying Bugaboo Bee front wheels with new wave washers

We have been very aware that some Bugaboo Bee customers are experiencing difficulties with the maneuverability of their stroller's front wheels, caused by the effect of ‘ shimmying' wheels. As it is our prime focus to make sure you can use your Bugaboo Bee to your utmost satisfaction, our engineers have been working with great dedication to come up with a permanent solution to prevent the shimmying of the Bugaboo Bee front wheels.

We have now found this solution. By placing durable metal wave washers onto your Bugaboo Bee wheels, this will prevent the effect of shimmying. Extensive internal and external testing and validation have demonstrated the long-lasting durability of the metal wave washers and therefore its use will lastingly restore the maneuverability and smooth ride of your stroller.

Should you experience shimmying front wheels, the durable metal wave washer service set will be available free of charge. Just fill out this online contact form and we will strive to send you a set of durable metal wave washers to your home address within 2 to 4 weeks from the moment of registration. The set will contain a carton envelope with two easy to assemble wave washers and a user instruction. You can also check the user instructions here.

You can also obtain the wave washers by contacting our service department , who will send you a service set at no cost.

It is of utmost importance to us that you will soon continue to have a smooth ride with your Bugaboo Bee.

Kind regards,
Your Bugaboo Team

Already received and using rubber washer rings to prevent shimmying??