Traveling light means having a plan, when taking your personal items with you. With the new Organizer you are prepared to bring your vital bits and bobs on daily in&out strolls.

easy access
The latest Bugaboo accessory offers parents the perfect tool to stay organized. This smart-featured, easy-to-clean, compact soft pouch holds it all: keys, camera, small bottles, wipes, diapers, snacks, mobile phone, drinks and toys. With the Organizer they are all easily accessible for a comfortable day out on the fly. Think of it as a great control panel for parents, right there in front of you. No more digging around – everything's kept neat and tidy. Feel free to add some of your kid's stuff too. It's designed as much for your convenience as it is for their fun.

The Organizer fits all Bugaboo strollers and attaches easily to the different models in a variety of ways. Afraid that tiny, happy hands with greasy fingers make for messy moments? Don't worry: the durable, washable canvas fabric can handle it all. It's Bugaboo.